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New Music: From Bengaluru Tech House to Guwahati Electro Pop

This month, we round up the latest from Hindi rockers Indi Graffiti, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Taba Chake and more

Anurag Tagat Sep 20, 2018

Mumbai-based Arunachal singer-songwriter Taba Chake returns with "Shaayad." Photo: Courtesy of the artist

“Societal Fantasies” by Karyoke

Dubai-based indie folk duo Karyoke ruminate on life, death and everything in between on their debut song “Societal Fantasies,” one that’s guided by a dreamy synth undertone and a steady acoustic guitar riff. Mumbai-bred Vocalist Yohan Wadia brings a yokel-like croon in between breathy, reverb-laden verses about seizing the day, over simple but effective guitar work from Karthik Balasubramaniam.

“Anonymous Lover” by Searomantics

On their latest single “Anonymous Lover,” Guwahati electro pop/rock act Searomantics fill their hearts with sorrow. Over dance-rock rhythms and shimmering squeals of synthesizers, vocalist Priyanuj Mazumdar bemoans, “Everything beautiful is just fiction.” It might be a tad over the top on the lovesick emo front ”“ including the music video ”“ but Searomantics at least stick to their guns when it comes to writing bright new tunes.

Tumse Na Ho Payega by Indi Graffiti

On their debut album that seems to be a statement about fighting the odds to stay alive and kicking, Bengaluru-based Hindi rock band Indi Graffiti offer a ticket to a roller-coaster sonic experience, from high-energy tracks like “Khwaab” and “Jeetunga” to more play-it-safe folk rock territory (“Dekh Zara,” “Haeli Maeri”) and hard rock nod-alongs (“Woh”). They definitely do hard rock much more ably, but there’s diversity aplenty on Tumse Na Ho Payega.

Listen here.

 “Night Palms” by LOODAS w/ Kreedo

Bengaluru-based producer Aniket Vidyadhar (formerly Blent) has spent many a year working in the city’s club scene and now he’s got a new project that places itself between funk, disco, house and ambient, amongst others. His second release ”“ a follow-up to “Circus Is Over” ”“ is with German producer LOODAS, who team up for a hypnotic, pulsing tech house track called “Night Palms,” that subtly jumps in and out of menacing phases.

“Shaayad” by Taba Chake 

After releasing his debut EP Bond With Nature in 2016, singer-songwriter Taba Chake moved to Mumbai and clearly it’s had an effect. His latest single “Shaayad” is a dreamy-eyed, vulnerable-voiced folk track that’s not too far from the current crop of singer-songwriters in the country, presented with an Instagram-tinged music video that follows a little girl as she makes her journey amidst nature in filmmaker Ramuna Pun’s native Nepal.

“Blossom’s Blues” by Tanya Nambiar

Straight out of the Fifties with an added touch of finesse is New Delhi singer Tanya Nambiar’s cover of jazz artist Blossom Dearie’s song “Blossom’s Blues.” Aided by guitarist Abhishek Lal and keyboardist Archit Anand, the track is as laidback and smooth as it gets, Nambiar’s give-a-damn vocal delivery making it a song that’s certainly timeless.


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