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New Music: Chennai Acoustic Indie, New Delhi Hip-Hop and more

This month, we round up the latest from metallers Gaia, Hyderabad hardcore band R.A.I.D and more

Anurag Tagat Jul 28, 2018

New Delhi band Shorthand. Photo: Jishnu Ghose

“Impressions” by Shorthand

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Formed in 2015, New Delhi’s “genre free” band Shorthand have had a good run touring across Mumbai, Bengaluru and the capital area just this year alone. Their debut single “Impressions” is a heady, shape-shifting blend of jazz, prog, rock and more. Centered around a rock hook, the band starts out in mellow, soulful territory before funking it up.

“New Reality” by Gaia

Just a few months into launching his djent project, New Delhi-based guitarist Abhiruk Patowary is out with his debut single featuring vocalist Sahil Khurana. Although there’s an EP in the works and a song called “Nebulous” which features Bengaluru-based Siddharth Nair (from metallers Tangents), their first release is “New Reality,” a churning track that seems to draw from metalcore acts such as Killswitch Engage as well as modern metal bands like Periphery.

“Tangerine” by Susha

Chennai-based Subiksha Rangarajan aka Susha has been a contemporary Carnatic musician but also ascribes her love for music to jazz singers such as Esperanza Spalding. With her latest release “Tangerine,” Susha paints an almost pastoral setting, amidst a forest with her guitar and her voice, scatting along sublimely.

“Bachpan Theher Jaa” by Vrinda Parwal

After following the national discourse around two rape cases in Kathua and Unnao, Mumbai-based singer, poet and composer Vrinda Parwal wrote a song about child abuse and rape that features spoken-word poetry, rock ballad-type progressions and a guest solo by New Delhi guitar whiz Utsav Manga.

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The Strong Survive by R.A.I.D

On their debut album released via American label Rottweiler Records, Hyderabad hardcore unit R.A.I.D turn up the anger just the right amount, considering they also look to deliver positive messages. From songs about shaking off procrastination (“Iron Mind”) and standing your ground (“Haymaker”), R.A.I.D are decidedly about good vibes through brutal beatdowns in the vein of hardcore acts such as Suicidal Tendencies, Hatebreed and more.

“No Flag” by Raoul Kerr ft Amani Kerr

The title track off New Delhi hip-hop artist Raoul Kerr’s upcoming debut album No Flag is an American-flavored composition that includes a chorus from vocalist Amani Kerr, gruff delivery from Raoul about uniting for a better world and slick rock production from Studio Fuzz and Rishabh Iyer. Considering his recent well-received collaboration with folk metal stars Bloodywood, Kerr looks like he’s all about changing perceptions with his rap, especially on “No Flag.” Listen to No Flag in full here .


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