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New Music: From American Dark Electro to Naga Folk

This month, we round up the latest from Mumbai grunge rockers Blakc, prog metallers Skyharbor, Guwahati alt metal act Lucid Recess and more

Anurag Tagat Dec 01, 2015
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“Choices” by Blakc


We’re going to resist making an AC/DC reference about the return of Mumbai’s top grunge rockers, who have released the first of a few new singles called “Choices.” Now with drummer Varun Sood [formerly of Delhi melodic death metallers Acrid Semblance], vocalist Shawn Pereira starts off with a bit of grunge harmonizing, but throws down real rage towards the end of the track. 

“Monster” by Colours

What was originally Florida-based post-hardcore band Burden of a Day, turned into Colours in 2013, courtesy of vocalist Kyle Tamo and drummer Morgan Alley. And of course, it’s not heavy any longer, but more of an atmospheric, dark electro pop and rock, in the vein of Crosses [which has Deftones frontman Chino Moreno on vocals and Colours producer Shaun Lopez]. Check out the first single “Monster,” off their upcoming album Ivory, due in February. 

“Blind Side” by Skyharbor

Artwork for "Blind Side" by Kaitlin Beckett/ A Curious Bestiary.

Artwork for “Blind Side” by Kaitlin Beckett/ A Curious Bestiary.

The prog metallers brought a real hooky chorus with their single “Out of Time,” the first track to feature new vocalist Eric Emery, who they are currently wrapping up a massive North American tour with. Their latest single “Blind Side” sounds like an antithesis ”“ it’s got Emery hitting high notes like a choral singer and much more intricate rhythm patterns, a la Aussie prog rockers Karnivool. 

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“Deep Dead End” by Lucid Recess 

Lucid Recess

“It’s time to breathe/Would you like to see/The dead deep end” are the words you hear over all kinds of metaphors about journeying and past baggage in Guwahati alt/prog metallers Lucid Recess’s new music video “Dead Deep End.” One thing’s for certain though ”“ the opening track off their recently released third album Alive and Aware, which they launched at Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Shillong, has some of the best drum work you’ll hear, courtesy of Partha Boro. 

Cepho Celho Lizho” by the Tetseo Sisters

The set by Tetseo Sisters from Nagaland included folk and some  pop a la Madonna Photo: Pranab Doley

Tetseo Sisters. Photo: Pranab Doley

If you’ve ever seen Nagaland folk group the Tetseo Sisters live, you’ve known exactly how enchanting their voices are. They have often performed this song about spring and unrequited love without the added foot-tapping guitar melody, but the studio version of “Cepho Celho Lizho,” produced by their brother and manager Mhaseve Tetseo, lives up to its ability to instill a sense of calm. 

“Betty Phage Goes to Bronxton” by Novallo

If it’s been a while since you heard something and went, “This is weird and I love it,” Ohio progressive metallers Novallo’s new EP Novallo II is the fix you need. The quirkiest, most unpredictable track is “Betty Phage Goes to Bronxton,” which we hazard a guess is about a superhero/vigilante fighting disease, but also includes lyrics like “Universal consciousness, yeah!”

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“Guide Yourself Through Your Own Maze” by The Multiverse Concept

If you’ve never heard of Pune-based guitarist Aksheya Chandar’s prog project The Multiverse Concept, it’s best to get up to speed with his latest single, off his upcoming third album Chasing Echoes. Chandar might not have roped in Aman Virdi [from experimental metallers Noiseware] or Gagan Gill [formerly of Pune prog / death metallers Petrichor and Mumbai hardcore band Scribe], who featured on his 2013 album Defying Inertia, but “Guide Yourself”¦” has that djent punch with added post-rock elements, including an intense violin section from Pune-based Shyamoli Chatterjee.


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