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New music: Doom metal from Bengaluru and blues rock from Goa

Bengaluru bands Bevar Sea and 30 Ton Capacity, Chayan & Smiti from Delhi and Vince Costa from Goa make it to our new music list this week

Rolling Stone India May 19, 2015
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“Sleeping Pool” by Bevar Sea

Bengaluru stoner/doom band Bevar Sea return with their first studio material since 2012’s self-titled debut album Bevar Sea and it’s actually one of their older material, called “Sleeping Pool.” Off their upcoming second album Invoke The Bizarre [due later this year], the slow, hypnotic, yet crushing doom song “Sleeping Pool” has been a part of the band’s setlist since 2011.

“Honour Killing” by 30 Ton Capacity

Alt/prog rock band 30 Ton Capacity aren’t as heavy as their name suggests, but their slow, moody songs swell with energy. That’s pretty much what the band, who came together in 2010 and released their debut EP Season One Episode Nil, are doing on their new single “Honour Killing,” Recorded and released as a live video session at Bengaluru’s Marshalz Studio, the song is part of their next release, a series of video performances called Live From the Hinterland, slated to release this month.

“Madeleine” by Chayan & Smiti

Delhi-based acoustic duo Chayan & Smiti’s video for “Madeleine” is skilfully shot, making the most of the bare minimum, much like the song itself. It features both the singers at a lush green locale. As late afternoon casually turns into twilight around them, the video captures the mood of the unhurried, introspective song perfectly. While their debut single “This Night” was laidback, “Madeleine” takes the pace one notch below and is a more mellow love song, reminiscent of Delhi-based composer Sajid Akbar’s “The Sky is Falling.”

Saint & Sinner by Vince Costa

Vince Costa Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Vince Costa Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Vince Costa says that his first album Saint & Sinner is a tribute to the sights and sounds of Goa, where he grew up. Costa has been influenced by traditional American country music, folk, blues and of course, Goan music. Despite these traditional influences, he manages to make the album contemporary enough to be accessible to a Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz fan. The album is a collection of pleasing, mid-tempo songs and ballads. The immaculately produced album boasts of string & brass sections, accordions and harmonicas, but at its heart it’s an album about a man who wants to sing with his guitar. Vince’s back-up band The Saints, consisting of Joe Pereira, Ignatius Rodrigues, Grayston Vaz and Marwin Da Costa are always in step with their front man, providing a fine blend of eclectic, soulful grooves and electric guitar licks.

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