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New Music: Synthwave, Hindi Prog-Pop, Psychedelic Rock and More

Tune in to the latest from New Delhi artist SRADIL, Mumbai-based Music UnLtd., Bengaluru/Berlin project Tinctures and Chennai artist Rishi Kumar

Anurag Tagat Mar 20, 2022

(clockwise from bottom left) Tinctures, Sunset Tribe, Aanchal Bordoloi and Music UnLtd.'s Milin. Photos: Courtesy of the artists (Sunset Tribe, Music UnLtd.), Mehak Matharu (Bordoloi), Shailpik Biswas (Tinctures)

“Sinking In” by Unburden

Bengaluru-bred, Budapest artist Unburden aka Deepankar Bajpeyi digs into synthwave and dream-pop in a nostalgic yet modern manner on his latest single “Sinking In.” There’s just the right amount of variation in the producer’s vocals as the steady rhythms keep things afloat. The song is accompanied by a music video that stitches together archival film footage of everything from flight missions to technological advancements.

“Crush & Kasht” by SRADIL

Released ahead of Valentine’s Day last year, New Delhi rock artist SRADIL aka Sarthak Dilawari’s latest single “Crush & Kasht” is a cheeky Hindi song that goes beyond just heartbreak. With spunky visuals and riffs aplenty, Dilawari declares, “Mere crush ne mujhko sirf kasht diya hai.” Combining a bit of djent finesse with pop-punk and emo hooks, it’s a refreshing take on all things love with a helping of self-deprecating humor.

“20,000 Leagues Under” by Tinctures

If Bengaluru-Berlin piano-guitar duo Tinctures’ jazz-informed music often landed square in the abstract space, it’s not surprising they gathered to add a little more dimension to a song like “20,000 Leagues Under.” Aman Mahajan and Nishad Pandey teamed up with scuba diver, wildlife conservationist and filmmaker Milena Margaritova to visually mirror their “improvised sound-world depicting an imaginary ocean floor.” Released via Kolkata-origin music platform Friday Night Originals, Margaritova offers a glimpse of all things underwater and enchanting, much like the song.

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“Own Tonight” by Dreamhour ft Dokodoko

Siliguri-bred producer Dreamhour aka Debo Sanyal continues his prolific run in the synthwave game with his latest single “Own Tonight.” Driven by all the familiar, nostalgic yet refreshing elements that we love about synthwave and synth-pop, Dreamhour is joined by vocalist Dokodoko aka Kritika Nepal for an intoxicating late-night listen. Released via NewRetroWave records, the song follows Sanyal’s solo releases outside of Dreamhour, including tracks like “Hojayega,” “Bonsai,” “Shayad” and “Meri Baari.” 

“Mere Ho Tum” by Rishi Kumar

At 15 years old, Chennai-based artist Rishi Kumar crafts melodies with a seemingly deeper understanding of matters of the heart on his latest single “Mere Ho Tum.” The guitar riff-inflected song brings together Thiruvananthapuram-based artist Devanand S.P. and Washington-based vocalist Meena Attringal for an intimate pop tune, which works in a fitting saxophone section by Wesley Crispus.

“Megher Shohor” by Bibor, Diptendu Das and Udatto

Amidst greenery and nature, Bengali artists Bibor, Diptendu Das and Udatto conjure the importance of friendships and the forgotten companions who are longed for, on “Megher Shohor.” Constructed with gradual electronic elements that put the song in an ambient-pop and drum and bass space, Udatto’s breathy vocals add an aptly dreamy touch. The music video follows the journey back in time to the verdant surroundings of Matheran, as a protagonist recounts memories.

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“Get Over You” by Sunset Tribe

Composer, producer and songwriter Siddharth Sharma – who also releases music as Stereosiddharth – has launched a new moniker for all things dance-pop called Sunset Tribe. His debut single “Get Over You” leads with funky guitar tones but also the affable vocals of Gulsah Brett. As it turns out, there might be a lilt in Brett’s vocals and Sunset Tribe’s production is made for the dancefloors, but she’s singing about serious matters, like fragile feelings and cyclical relationship challenges.

“See” by Music UnLtd.

Mumbai rock band Music UnLtd.’s frontman Milin opens the door to a dreamy world best suited to journeying psychedelic rock. Anchored in swelling keyboard sections and piano parts, their latest single “See” builds the anticipation with melodies which can only be called serpentine and lyrics about persevering through pain to meet one’s ultimate goals.

“Whiskey Blues” by Aanchal Bordoloi

Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter Aanchal Bordoloi previously spent late 2021 on a tour comprising intimate living room shows and now she’s kicked off the new year by releasing her first single of the year, “Whiskey Blues.” Produced by Tejas Ramakrishna aka Evermoon, there are twinkling flourishes that aid Bordoloi’s distinctly folksy and wise-beyond-her-years vocals. 


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