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New Music: From Hindi Prog Fusion to Grand Doom Metal

This week, we round up more new releases from the likes of Bengaluru rockers All The Fat Children to Kerala fusion rock act Thaikkudam Bridge

Anurag Tagat Oct 19, 2015
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“Whispering Shadows” by Silent Voyage

Is Mumbai-based producer Vishal J Singh having one of the busiest years? With recent releases by the likes of alt/prog rockers Daira, post-rock/shoegaze act Eunoia and now Mumbai-based doom metallers Silent Voyage, it certainly seems so. The solo project of black metal band Stark Denial’s bassist Paresh Garude [who has also recruited members Mumbai extreme metallers Spiked Crib] takes a turn for epic-sounding metal. Singh fills in on the drums, as well as mixing and mastering duties. If you like doom metal with a few symphonic touches, check out their first single “Whispering Shadows” off their upcoming EP Eternity.


“What Was Once A Part Of Me (And Where It Is Now)” by Barty’s Path

There are few musicians who can be as diverse as Mumbai-based alternative artist Barty’s Path aka Arjun Iyer. The man behind jazz rock group Gumbal and experimental rock band Eatshootleave has released his fourth track, featuring Gumbal collaborator and bassist Satish Sridhar. Iyer has been experimenting with orchestral music as Barty’s Path since last year, and his new single features trippy layering, smooth vocals and even Mongolian-style chants in the background.

“Footprints” by Raagalogik

Raagalogik. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Raagalogik. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Pune-based prog fusion rockers Raagalogik showed up on our radar earlier this year, when they launched their second single “Ansh,” and they’ve just released their latest, “Footprints.” Although they’re yet to make a name outside the Pune scene, Raagalogik are going from strength to strength, getting even more diverse and aggressive on their new single, never forcing the Indian classical elements into a rock sound.

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“Somebody Else” by All the Fat Children

All The Fat Children

All The Fat Children

When they’re not cross-dressing on stage or raising a hard rock ruckus, Bengaluru-based three-member group All the Fat Children go around shooting videos and recording songs. They continue rock music’s fascination with wanting to live fast and “die rich and famous,” as vocalist Eben Johnson sings on their new single “Somebody Else.” Get your free download here and watch the video below.



“Khwaab” by Thaikkudam Bridge

Kochi fusion rock band Thaikkudam Bridge. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Kochi fusion rock band Thaikkudam Bridge. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Turns out there’s more than one new release called “Khwaab,” and unlike Ahmedabad post-rock band Aswekeepsearching’s debut album, this one is one of the most mellifluous fusion tracks this year, courtesy of Kochi rock collective Thaikkudam Bridge. Off their upcoming debut album Navarasam, “Khwaab” features vocalists Krishna Bongane and Nila Madhab Mohapatra. If this song is anything to go by, Navarasam promises to be a diverse, vocal-led collection of the band’s fusion sound that sways between everything from folk to pop to metal.


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