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New Music: From Mumbai Hardcore to Chennai Pop

This month, we round up the latest releases from metalcore act A Scarlet Dress to rapper Naezy’s latest politically-charged single

Anurag Tagat May 12, 2016
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Climb by Cosmic Attic

After moving from Bengaluru to Mumbai earlier this year, vocalist-guitarist Sharath Narayan tries his hand at electronic music with his new project Cosmic Attic. A believable turn considering Black Letters’ latest EP Petrichor was more in the dream pop space, Cosmic Attic’s three-track EP stays on the trippy side of things, Narayan showing off both, his smooth vocals as well as synth skills.


“Periscope” by A Scarlet Dress

If Pune-based guitarist Sushant Vohra’s ambient metalcore project A Scarlet Dress hadn’t proved he knows his melodies with their 2015 EP Prose Edda, he’s got help on his new single. “Periscope” features Florida prog metallers Oneironaut’s guitarist Jeff Pogan joining Vohra in an all-out duel on the fretboard reminiscent of djent masters Periphery.


In Dearth Of by Death by Fungi

When your band motto is “play fast and destroy”, there’s no less to be expected from Mumbai hardcore/punk band Death by Fungi. The three-member band slam the walls and rattle cages with their latest four-track EP In Dearth Of. It’s certainly a much more concentrated approach towards songwriting and production compared to their self-titled 2015 debut, with songs in the vein of hardcore/mathcore bands such as Converge and the Dillinger Escape Plan that get even more interesting as they call out metal musicians [“Iced”] and the existential dread of being a band in India [“Endless Rain.”]

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“How Much Longer” by Harsha Iyer

Chennai-based pop artist Harsha Iyer ponders the big questions about life and loneliness through on his latest single “How Much Longer”. Led by an upbeat pop rhythm that is often layered over by guitar sections that catch you off guard, there’s also his signature air of dreamy layers carefully placed in the background, while his vocals and even a harmonica takes top priority. The song is his first English single since 2013’s “Unconditional Love


Desperate Times by Short Round

The Mumbai indie rock band formed by songwriter Jishnu Guha added members from rockers The Colour Compound [drummer Aditya Ashok, bassist Adil Kurwa] and keyboardist-vocalist Rohan Rajadhyaksha from alt rockers Spud In The Box to go live last month, premiering their debut EP Desperate Times. With songs that grew from as far back as 2010, Short Round dabble in folky pop [“Ex”, “Rainclouds”] to quiet acoustic [“Three Minute Record”].


“Haq Hai” by Naezy

Mumbai rapper Naved Shaikh continues to roll on and keep his promise of hard-hitting hip hop with his latest single “Haq Hai”. Produced by his go-to producer Sajeel Kapoor aka Sez, Naezy walks us through the streets of Mumbai, urging people to raise their voices against government corruption and crime. The message of unity stays stronger than ever, “Mil ke hum taqatwar hai warna Toh hum aapas me hi ladte rehange” [Together, we are strong, otherwise we’ll keep fighting amongst ourselves].

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