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New Music: From New Delhi Pop to Itanagar Alt Rock

This month, we round up the latest releases you need to hear, including an exclusive premiere of Bengaluru metal band All Seeing Eye’s debut single

Anurag Tagat Jan 18, 2017
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“Illusionist” by All Seeing Eye

Bengaluru prog death metallers All Seeing Eye’s debut single and music video is a blistering launch. Vocalist Navneeth Shiv might look a little psychotic with his piercing glare, but All Seeing Eye ”“ also comprising guitarist Nick Tombing, drummer Sange Wangchuk and guitarist Sooraj Suresh ”“ have the music down pat. It’s relentless with dissonance-abusing harmonies, breakdowns in tow, coming in for good measure.


“Boring I Love You” by Meattle & Malik

A lot has transpired between New Delhi/Mumbai electro-acoustic duo Meattle & Malik’s last single ”“ and we’re not just talking about the couple of years it’s been since their last single “She Can.” Vocalist Raghav Meattle found wide fame on singing competition The Stage 2, and his return to this project showcases his mellow best, with producer Nikhil Malik providing a gentle melody, guitar, keys, horns and all. The video features members of the Noida Deaf Society interpreting the song via sign language, adding warmth with animated, happy faces signing a love song.


Jaagar by Jaagar

The Pune rock band, comprising Anand Altekar and Karan Pandav sharing guitars, vocals and production duties, present a varied mix of alt rock and Indian classical elements on their debut self-titled album. With a formidable record engineer duo on the job ”“ it is mixed by Zorran Mendonsa and mastered by Keshav Dhar ”“ Jaagar shine brightest on “Bhasha,” which features sarangi star Suhail Yusuf Khan (from fusion acts Adi & Suhail and Advaita). The major part of rest of the album sticks to acoustic guitar-led sound, such as on catchier numbers such as “Varchaswa” and “Bhor.”

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Azal by Iram

Bengaluru has often been the best inspiration for some laid-back tunes, and composer duo Neil Simon and Gaurav Govilkar ”“ who came together as Iram in early 2016 ”“ know just how to craft that sound. Somewhere in between post-rock, ambient and guitar flourishes, their debut EP Azal may be reminiscent of fellow rockers Parvaaz, but the five-track release remains minimalist. Songs such as the progressive “Karegar” and the enchanting flute-led “Bekhauf” appear alongside an instrumental cinematic interlude called “Descend.”


“Reality” by The Royal Flush

Itanagar alt rock band The Royal Flush’s new music video “Reality” is all special effects, buzzing drone cameras amidst a gripping narrative involving tribes. It takes a while to catch on with the storyline about growing up ”“ one that matches vocalist Yari Natung’s lyrics ”“ but the melodies and drum patterns instantly catch on. Shot by filmmaker and rapper Dekaa in the town of Yazali in Arunachal Pradesh, “Reality” is as much of a spellbinding watch as it is worth listening.


Sitting in the Same Place by Vishnu Kumar

The Gurgaon-based guitarist of New Delhi rockers May Island took a turn away from instrumental rock to alt-pop with his band, but his solo singer-songwriter offering ”“ Sitting in the Same Place EP ”“  seems to be informed by emo, pop-punk, indie and post-hardcore vocal hooks and structuring. It’s all fed through the pop/folk filter, though, and what emerges are four saccharine tracks ”“ from the moody “Kite” to the bouncy title track, the tap-along “Where the Lights Are Always Green” and the flitting “Perfect Storytelling.”

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“Relax” by Clown With a Frown

Nothing beats weekend blues like a calm, unwavering voice telling you to relax. Bengaluru disco-funk band Clown With a Frown, who released their debut album Love Intoxication in November last year, send out the good vibes with their lead single “Relax,” whose music video revolves around how to turn a nationwide bandh into an opportunity to ditch office, forget job interviews and party by the pool with friends.


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