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This month, we round up the latest from Chennai group Amogh and the Homies, Bengaluru metal band Skypunch and guitar whiz Tamish Pulappadi, amongst others

Anurag Tagat Jun 13, 2019

Chennai hip-hop/soul band Amogh and the Homies. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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What It Is by Amogh and the Homies

On the trail of getting recognition via the college circuit and music competitions such as Red Bull Spotlight last year, Chennai’s Amogh and the Homies have put together their smooth flowing second EP What It Is. It’s a much easier title to say out loud compared to 2017’s Shelf of a Self, but the songs on the five-track record are hook-friendly, bringing together hip-hop, rock, R&B and sonic maturity. Hip-hop leaning tracks like “Better Day” keep the energy high while “Till the End” throws in funk guitar licks. Their best is saved for last, with “SOS” conveying cohesive pop, rock and more in an arena-rock manner.

“Sense” by Granular

Electronic music producer and synth artist Granular aka Diptendu Das turns to a more broad, sprawling soundscape on his latest, “Sense.” The track, which clocks in at over 12 minutes, is a made-for-headphones trip that eases in from swirling atmospheric patterns to spaced-out synth leads. Somewhere closer to the end of the first half of the track, the producer introduces beats to build up the tempo and runs with it.

“Pieces” by Nothing Anonymous

Mumbai-based electronic music duo Nothing Anonymous had a big draw at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune late last year, even if it was just singer Ambika Nayak (from R&B/jazz outfit Kimochi Youkai) and synth artist Nirmit Shah (from electronic/jazz shapeshifters Ape Echoes) on stage. The duo craft one of the best pop hooks we’ve heard this year, coupled with Shah’s shimmering synth parts, making it an instant earworm.

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Yugen by Skypunch

Bengaluru-based ambient metal project Skypunch turn up the djent factor on their debut album Yugen. Comprising vocalist and synth player Isaac James and guitarist Krishna Dass, Skypunch first made waves with their song “Presence” about three years ago. Not surprisingly, the modern metal scorcher features on Yugen as well, alongside songs like “From Above,” which features producer-singer Yogeendra Hariprasad (from fusion band Pineapple Express). If you like your electronic-informed prog metal, Yugen won’t disappoint you in the slightest.

“The World Around Me (Infinite Support)|Sanskaari” by Nivid

Once part of experimental rock band Pinnochio’s Moment of Clarity, producer, singer and guitarist Aditya Virmani has been toying with his new project Nivid for quite some time. The result is the distortion-heavy, industrial rock introduction to their forthcoming album, one that deals with ideas of nationalism and politics and how it can corrupt. In the video, Virmani roams the streets of San Francisco, against the backdrop of murals made as part of the Clarion Alley Mural Project. Featuring bassist Nihar Apte and Devasheesh Ghosh (both from erstwhile rock band Space Behind the Yellow Room), Nivid is ready to offer something for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Deftones and more.

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Everything Is Play by Groovemeister

Bengaluru-based quintet Groovemeister tap into jazz, blues, funk and just overall groovy music on their debut EP Everything Is Play. It’s clearly a reference to the fact that the four tracks comprise an EP, but Groovemeister pack in a lot in songs that go past the seven-minute mark. Songs like “Coolade” feature soothing guitar conversations, while the wistful “Little Kicks” and the funky “It’s A Boy!” maintain an enthusiasm that you could perhaps find in only young jazz players.

“Hummingbird” by Tamish Pulappadi

Bengaluru-based guitarist Tamish Pulappadi is all of 15 years old, but already knows what it means to be a mature songwriter. His prog rock-informed song “Hummingbird” – part of a forthcoming EP – offers tempered guitar work that transforms into soaring fretwork which seems almost Carnatic-like, over a steady beat and a bed of friendly guitar melodies.

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