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New Music: Electronic from New Delhi, Mumbai Blues-Rock, Bengaluru Prog and More

Tune in to the latest from Bengaluru bands such as Iram and Trip-thy, plus electronic music producer Dystorizon and more

Anurag Tagat Apr 21, 2021

Valencia-based, Bhopal-bred producer and artist Dystorizon aka Kshitij Singh. Photo: Yatharth Sharma

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Escape Velocity EP by Dystorizon

Bhopal-origin producer Kshitij Singh aka Dystorizon went from studying computer science to graduating in a master’s course at Berklee College of Music in Valencia. Currently based in Spain, his debut EP Escape Velocity is a cosmic dive into electronic and downtempo music. Phasing, psychedelic synth lines and roomy drum beats populate tracks like “Mixed Feelings,” while the opener “Bottom Up Approach” is described by Singh as something to “tickle ‘em ears.” There’s atmospheric elements wandering about on “Parallelism,” while Singh’s approach to rhythms remain fist-tight. Inspired by the likes of Amon Tobin and Flying Lotus, Dystorizon is definitely on the trippy, groovy side of IDM.

“Let Us All Unite” by ART’TMA Musical

Gujarat-bred, Chennai-based producer Rachintan Trivedi aka ART’TMA takes on the ideas and concept of unity encapsulated in Charlie Chaplin’s emphatic monologue from The Great Dictator (1940) and makes it ever-relevant all over again on the track “Let Us All Unite.” Pointing towards how art can be celebrated and empowered only in unity, the composer enlists drummer Dhir Mody and sound engineer Vaibhav Nimare for mixing and mastering a swerving, high-energy electronica track.

“Water Is Blue” by Shivang Arora

On his latest single “Water Is Blue,” singer-songwriter Shivang Arora gleans worldly wisdom and forgets past misunderstandings to value living in the present and “moving towards a peaceful future together.” The melancholy, half-jazz song is led by slow brushed drum beats by Bharat Chandore and Arora’s own hushed vocals, plus sunny yet sometimes wailing guitar melodies.

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“Begaana” by Iram

In his weathered, often quivering voice with ornate Urdu vocals, Neil Simon Abel creates a world of unbelonging and existentialism on “Begaana.” Bengaluru rock band Iram’s frontman leads the way with journeying vocals, but there’s also wistful rock songwriting backing him, occasionally being elevated to get heavier and more emphatic through the course of the nearly six-minute track.

“Unchant” by Trip-thy

Bengaluru prog band Trip-thy – currently featuring vocalist Jahnavi Bhat, bassist Nathaneel K. Thabah, drummer Shawn Jacob and founder-guitarist Jaiyant Jankiram – have released their third single “Unchant,” burrowing into an eerie yet conviction-heavy sound. Following up singles such as “Female Genocide” and “From Sonic Intentions,” their latest is part of an upcoming debut full-length. If “Unchant” is anything to go by, Trip-thy are bringing intrigue and dark rock into the mix.

In Retrospect EP by teći

Mumbai-based producer Jordan Fernandes aka teći’s debut EP In Retrospect comes across as an affirmation of how versatile electronic music can be. Although he’d released a single called “Doubt” in 2020, there’s real maturity and surety heard across four tracks. While “Resilience” sees the producer work with pensive vocals and piano parts at the center, “Patience” is much more upbeat, employing a morphed hook and pitch-bending melodies. “Joy” pairs swing rhythms with electronic elements but seems to be missing key vocals, which we hear again on “Recursion,” a light-headed electronic trip.

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Fresh Grad EP by Electrikuki

New Delhi-based DJ-producer Electrikuki aka Anupriya Kukreja went from being at the decks for college parties to being an addition on lineups at venues such as Summerhouse Café and Auro, even for femme producer collective Coven Code. On her debut EP Fresh Grad, the producer seems to aim for a straightforwardness in the use of synths and instrumentation. “Permanent Intern” moves at an agile club-friendly pace but “Get a Masters” slows things down languidly. “Work From Anywhere/Midi Funk” is the two-parter that showcases more range (and employs a howling vocal sample) and there’s topsy-turvy changes powering “Gory Samay.”

Both Sides EP by Bluestackface

Among the finalists of the Mahindra Blues Band Hunt in early 2020, Mumbai blues-rock trio Bluestackface have released their debut EP Both Sides, which stomps around, gets dexterous and stays soulfully true to the blues. Comprising vocalist-guitarist Rohan Shirsolkar, bassist Jatin Jitendrakumar and drummer Evan Shimron, there’s swiveling rhythms (“Working On This”), surging rock (“Embarrassing Things”), fuzzy, bassline-toting bravado (“No Matter”) and nostalgia-tinged vocal lines (“Both Sides”) that’s delivered deftly.

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