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New Podcast ‘Love Aaj Kal’ is a #NoFilter Conversation About Sex, Dating, Infidelity

The series is hosted by the journalist duo Aastha Atray and Ankit Vengurlekar

Rolling Stone India Aug 13, 2018

Aastha Atray. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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There’s no chance in hell a single boy and a single girl can stay friends forever, argues Aastha Atray in the first episode of Love Aaj Kal, a podcast she hosts with long-time friend and tech journalist Ankit Vengurlekar. How did the two of them stay friends for so long then? “That’s because I am not single between us!” explains Atray. In the second episode, the duo hark back to early Internet dating times (remember ASL?) and discuss how technology has impacted modern relationships in the past decade or so.

Given millennial Indians’ newfound freedom in matters of love, or the lack thereof, Love Aaj Kal, released on Saavn last month, comes at an opportune time: it is a no-holds-barred conversation between two 30-something friends that have experienced it all ”“ bad relationships, good marriages, heartbreak, hookups, separation, single parenthood, and much more.

Ankit Vengurlekar. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

In a chat with Rolling Stone India, Atray explains why it’s important for people to know that love can be easy and uncomplicated.

Why did you guys choose love as a topic?

I as a romance author, I get questions on social media every day about how to deal with love. Everyone is grappling with it, and they all want some sorted advice or just to talk about it. We thought there was space to talk about it free of judgment and just try and figure it out. We don’t give advice; we just try and break it down.

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Is it challenging to discuss love when it’s so layered and where normative dilemmas clash with emotional tribulations?

Yes, of course. When we were talking about infidelity, we were faced with a dilemma of how to address it. What is right and what is wrong? But as I said we just break it down, without judgment. But love isn’t supposed to be complex. It’s supposed to be easy, and make you feel good. So usually we tell people to choose a love that makes you feel good about yourself.

What’s the best part about podcasting?

It’s casual. Ankit and I didn’t even have a script! We just chatted, and laughed and shared anecdotes.

What’s toughest part about keeping a conversation engaging during the podcast?

Ankit and I decided to not make it too serious. We laughed and giggled and spoke some nonsense too. We shared embarrassing anecdotes, which I feel the listeners will find hilarious. So the best thing is to keep it short, funny and personal.

What quick tip would you give to the following people: 

A recently broken heart

Block the ex, and take out all your angst in a creative pursuit or whatever work you do. And look great as you do it.

A selfish lover who doesn’t know better

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Leave, and put Instagram selfies with a new lover

Someone who’s fallen in love with another person while still in a relationship 

Don’t be hard on yourself. But be courageous and make a choice.

A friendzoned person still waiting to make the move 

Don’t waste your time. Show love to another.

A 50-year old divorcee who can’t bring herself to confess her love to her 20-year-old student 

If it’s legal, tell him. You never know.

Click here to Listen to ”˜Love Aaj Kal.’

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