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New Stupid Ditties Compilation To Release In September

Bands can send in entries until the end of July

rsiwebadmin Jun 08, 2012
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Indie enthusiasts Rishu Singh and Aditi Ghosalkar of ennui.BOMB, an independent set-up to support Indian indie have just begun putting together the sixth edition of the annual “un-metal compilation”, Stupiditties 666.

Formed in 2004, ennui.BOMB also released two metal albums in the We Are The Scene series. However, the Stupid Ditties compilations cover everything but metal including punk, ska, jazz, electronica and hip hop. Ennui.BOMB has not only spotted talent via Stupid Ditties but also provided performance platforms at the launch of every compilation.

Bands featured in the past include Dischordian, PINKNOISE, Split, Bramfatura, Shridhar/Thayil, Sha’air + Func, Ska Vengers, Slow Down Clown and Bombay Bassment among others. All five Stupid Ditties compilations are available for free download on ennuidotbomb.com. “

We’ve gotten about 25 entries till now, but they usually got upto a 100 or so,” says Singh of Stupiditties 666.

To send in entries, mail tracks in mp3 format, [email protected] before the end of July.

Check out the album covers of the previous five Stupid Ditties compilations 

Text by Swathy Sethumadhavan

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