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New Video: “Good Damaged Girl” by The Dirty Strikes

Imphal quintet releases their debut music video

Rolling Stone India Oct 19, 2012

Imphal punk rock band The Dirty Strikes first caught our attention at Ziro Music Festival last month. The quintet is currently working on their debut album, but recently released their debut music video, “Good Damaged Girl,” which offers a slice of their signature old-school rock. The black-and-white video features an old-fashioned television set and lends a jam pad feel.  
Though vocalist Kennedy Heigrujam’s Manipuri lilt and syntax draws a lot of attention in the song [”˜you may laugh me’ (sic)], their music comes with the 20-something’s golden words of wisdom. “People tell me that I should change the way I pronounce some words, but I’m no Englishman. This is how I sing,” Heigrujam had told ROLLING STONE INDIA. 
However, at almost six minutes, the song is a tad too long to keep a viewer or listener engaged. 

Watch the video here 



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