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New Video: Pentagram ”“ Tomorrow’s Decided

The Mumbai rock band delivers yet another winner

Rolling Stone India Dec 13, 2012
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There’s putting on an energetic show and then there’s a performance by Pentagram. It’s visceral, primal and the band lets it bleed.

When we first heard “Tomorrow’s Decided” from the Mumbai band’s last album Bloodywood [2011] with the unmistakable throb of a Maharashtrian folk groove driving the drum section, we imagined a Nasik dhol banging away in the background. Band frontman Vishal Dadlani seemed to have peered right into our heads and has brought a monster dhol to stage almost every time the band performed this track.

As far as videos go, you think they’ve covered it all from claymation to an animated video directed by one of the country’s sought- after illustrators, Sameer Kulavoor, but they raised the bar with this one. The video for “Tomorrow’s Decided” has the audacity that you expect from a band that’s right on top of its game. Set in the middle of a boisterous Ganpati visarjan, the video conveys the energy and spirit of the track as it swings from shots of frenzied revelers on the street to the band on a mobile stage. It hits its peak when Dadlani decides to crowdsurf. The slo-mo technique works spectacularly for the shot that blurs the line between man and god. National award-winning director Ravi Jadhav [Natrang, 2009] has hit video gold.

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Watch Pentagram’s “Tomorrow’s Decided” here:


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