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New Videos: From Underwater Electronica to Death Metal Domination

All the latest video releases from Func, Ananthaal, Demonstealer and more

Nabeela Shaikh Jul 15, 2016
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“Chal Hatt” by ViceVersa ft. Apeksha Dandekar

Rohit “P-Man” Pereira and co. dive into fun, freaky, hip hop-leaning electronica with a little help from singer Apeksha Dandekar on this party starter. In the video, P-Man and Dandekar take on a bunch of b-boys in the basement of [performance venue] Antisocial, only to surprise them with goofy snake dance moves and thumaks.

“Haal-E-Dil” by Ananthaal

Clinton Cerejo-led Ananthaal shift views from a gorgeous Ladakh landscape to a studio in their second video. The monochrome clip captures the fusion collective performing their respective instruments, seemingly as cheerful as the happy pop-funk tune off their self-titled debut album.


“Beast” by Func

Guitarist and producer extraordinaire Randolph Correia meditates, strums a guitar and practices headstands underwater in his latest video. The track is just as calm its clip””Func delivers lush, warbly synths over a dancehall-inspired beat that makes for a great midnight doob sountrack. “Beast”””and its accompanying aquatic video””is anything but bestial.


“Minotaur” by Fleshgod Apocalypse (Live at BIG69)

Revisit 2015’s biggest metal festival with (much-delayed) footage of Italian symphonic tech-death metallers Fleshgod Apocalypse’s hell-raising set. “KASA KAI, MUMBAI?! DHANYAVAD!” screams frontman Tommaso Riccardi before unleashing the wrath of Poseidon with “Minotaur” off 2013’s Labyrinth.


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“From Rubble and Ruin” by the Demonstealer

Indian metal’s poster boy gives the playthroughs a skip with a dark new video that features blood-stained ballet dancers, fire flingers and a deranged Atlas carrying the (Demonstealer’s?) burden of a boulder. The death metal cruncher is the latest track off Demonstealer’s second solo album This Burden is Mine.


“100 Words” by Prateek Kuhad

Singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad cuts through the clutter with a single frame video that’s as stripped down as his acoustic serenade. While animated snowflakes/flowers/dancing couples/lyrics occasionally float through, a forlorn Kuhad plucks his guitar and pours out his jilted heart (“Do you have a hundred words for me?/ ’Cause I have only three/ And you couldn’t even sing for me”).

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