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New Videos: From Chennai garage rock to electronica from New Delhi

This week, we pick a debut single from Chennai old school metallers Vidyut, a fusion track from Bengaluru’s Jason Zac Band and more

Nabeela Shaikh Jul 31, 2015
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“The Queen” by Skrat

Skrat | Photo Credit: Ravikiran Vissa

Skrat | Photo Credit: Ravikiran Vissa

Chennai garage rock band Skrat released a video for “The Queen,” the title track for their third studio album released in 2014. The video is set in a dimly-lit room where lead vocalist Sriram T.T. is being held captive by the central subject of the track ”“ the queen. In a futile attempt to escape, the disoriented captive ends up “getting on the floor” and “bowing down to the queen” along with his other bandmates. One of the best tracks in Skrat’s discography with all its stop-go tempo and perfectly grating riffs, “The Queen” is high on agitation, and always inspires a dance-off.


“Tauro” by Sundogproject

Artwork for the single "Tauro" by Sundogproject frontman Rahul Das

Artwork for the single “Tauro” by Sundogproject frontman Rahul Das

Sundogproject released their second video from the upcoming full-length album TORA. The short reverb-laden track seems to pick up from where the previous single “Bicycle” left off, in terms of both music and visuals. Frontman Rahul Das is seen donning the same shades, white face-paint and menacing look as the “Bicycle” video as he sings “We’re not sleeping now” throughout the three-minute track. Judging from the haunting electronica we’ve been teased with in the first two singles, we’re willing to bet TORA will be an album worth the wait.

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“Unleash the Dragon” by Jason Zac Band”

Jason Zachariah of the Jason Zac Band. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Jason Zachariah of the Jason Zac Band. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Unlike the stop motion video for the title track “A Game of Notes” that released just last month, Bengaluru-based Jason Zac Band’s latest video is shot in studio. Within the first minute of the song, the trumpet kicks in, establishing a jazz/swing vibe, but proceeds to fusion as flautist Ashwini Varaghur joins in. Through the five-minute instrumental, the song reaches a smooth crescendo to include violins and a six-member choir, making for a track that sounds [and looks like] an all-star jam.


“Jallianwala Bagh Massacre” by Vidyut

Chennai old school heavy metal band Vidyut

Chennai old school heavy metal band Vidyut

Although Vidyut was formed in 2009, the Chennai old school metal band only recently released their debut single, a ruthless condemnation of the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The band, who has shared the stage with acts like Kryptos, Demonic Resurrection and Bevar Sea over the past five years, is slated to release their debut album towards the end of 2015. Although the lyrics are hard to decipher at times, “Jallianwala Bagh Massacre” is a promising track, heavily influenced by early thrash/ death metal acts. Watch out for the constantly shifting tempos as you give this track a spin.

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