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New Videos: From New Delhi electro-rock to Mumbai pop

This week, we look at recent videos from the likes of indie-rockers Yesterdrive and electronica duo FuzzCulture

Nabeela Shaikh Jul 08, 2015

“Bicycle” by Sundogproject

Artwork for Sundogproject's single "Bicycle" from the upcoming album 'TORA.'

Artwork for Sundogproject’s single “Bicycle” from the upcoming album ‘TORA.’ Credit: Rahul Das

Rooted in electronica and industrial sounds, “Bicycle” is the New Delhi band’s debut video. The visuals reflect the darkness heard in lyrics such as “We’re ghosts/Cracked at our seams/ Riding the streets clean/Atomic bombs/ Camouflaged as dreams.” As the band’s frontman Rahul Das explains, “[In the video] I am the empty shell of the present and she [the bicycle rider] is like the ever youthful ghost of the past who is haunting me.” The video depicts Das and the ghost of his childhood engaged in a cinematic hide-and-seek of sorts and was shot in collaboration with New York-based music video director Blake Farber, who has co-directed videos for the likes of American popstar Beyonce.


“You Don’t Have to Hide” by Awkward Bong

Awkward Bong frontman Ronit Sarkar Photo: Parizad D

Not long ago, we featured the first single by Mumbai-based pop/rock act Awkward Bong titled “Golden,” which was an instant hit with the crowd at the June edition of Pepsi MTV Indies’ gig series, Ribbit.  Far from slowing down, however, the band is back on our playlists within a month with their second video for “You Don’t Have to Hide.” The mellow track has vocalist Ronit Sarkar crooning assurances like “In the brightest corners you will find/That your darkest demons will lose this fight.” The video does not need a PG certificate but we’re willing to bet it will earn him a few fangirls.

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“Charity Case” by Yesterdrive

Indie-rock band Yesterdrive

Indie-rock band Yesterdrive

Indie-rock band Yesterdrive sounds like a throwback to the Nineties; they’re channeling the Brit-pop vibe right down to even their attire in their new video for “Charity Case.” The video shows the band performing in what seems to be a pub, judging by the fairy lights and slightly awkward camera angles. With a sound that could fit right into the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, this New Delhi-based band caught our attention ever since they performed at the Hornbill International Rock Contest in Kohima in 2013. “Charity Case” is one of their groovier tracks, complete with steady basslines and a Doors-like keyboard solo.


“Astronomy” by Fuzzculture

Fuzz Culture Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music

Fuzz Culture Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music

Delhi-based electronica act FuzzCulture’s video for their new single “Astronomy” from their debut album NO. has a rather conventional plot: an employee breaks free from corporate shackles and celebrates her move. Whether it’s the synthesized hook set against the steady drum clap, or the riff-heavy chorus bringing in Arsh Sharma’s fierce vocals, the song is definitely more inspired than the video.


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