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Newly Formed Art Community Five2Nine Release Collaborative Album ‘Misadventures’

The nine-track record includes everything from hip-hop, R&B and alternative music

David Britto Dec 11, 2020

Creative community Five2Nine's founders Aryan Deva aka Noble God (left) and Azaan Kapoor. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

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When Mumbai/New Delhi communication design student Azaan Kapoor and Canada-based econ student/artist Aryan Deva aka Noble God got talking during quarantine earlier this year, the pair decided to explore their creative sides with fresh ideas. “We wanted to create an international community of like-minded individuals spanning all artistic mediums,” says Kapoor. That led to the formation of their newly founded art organization called Five2Nine. Kapoor adds, “We chose the name Five2Nine because we wanted to change the conventional idea of a nine to five job and redefine the normal.”

Within a span of a few months, the collective already boasts of 35 collaborators from India, Canada, the U.K., Barbados, Germany and Singapore. Five2Nine have managed to merge numerous cultures, styles and ideas into their work which is best heard on the recently released collaborative nine-track record titled Misadventures.

Kapoor says, “The artists based their work [for the album] around their interpretation of the word misadventure.” Kapoor and Deva began building Five2Nine by reaching out to people who they felt were passionate about music to help put the project together. According to them, each song portrays a unique sound and follows a narrative that is interconnected and unravels as the album progresses. The record includes various genres from hip-hop to R&B, alternative music and more.

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Five2Nine plans to keep on growing by involving more artists and currently have three projects in the works. They also want to dip their toes in the world of fashion and release a clothing line while upping their videography game too. There’s also another album in the pipeline as well as a fanzine called Five2Zine that will be out soon. “Our plan is to bring on more collaborators and work on projects spanning various art forms,” says Kapoor.

Stream ‘Misadventures’ on Spotify below and on other platforms

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