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Nick Jonas and the Administration

Who I Am
[Three stars]

Feb 11, 2010

If you happen to be a young Bro of the Jo persuasion, it’s understood that you sing about girls breaking your heart, just because that’s what pop stars do. But even so, it’s odd how Nick Jonas keeps singing about treacherous ladies. (“She’ll charge you by the hour/For a straight trip down to hell” ”“ jinkies!) Doesn’t he meet any nice girls? In this side project, he’s not trying to be too different from the Bros, just going for a more retro-soul vibe with a band of old Prince alumni powering nuggets like the ace Stevie Wonder hommage ”˜State of Emergency.’ And the goth-piano dirge ”˜Vesper’s Goodbye’ deserves to be on the next Twilight soundtrack.

Key Tracks: ”˜State of Emergency,’ ”˜Vesper’s Goodbye’

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