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Nickelback Respond to Haters on Twitter

Rockers reply to jokes at their expense

Matthew Perpetua Jan 25, 2012
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Nickelback have become the butt of many, many jokes in recent years, with the band’s name serving as an all-purpose signifier of lame mainstream rock for music fans of all ages and tastes. (Remember back in November when a petition was going around to have the band replaced as the halftime act for the Detroit/Green Bay Thanksgiving Day game? Or when the Black Keys slagged them off in the pages of Rolling Stone earlier this month?)

The band have clearly become annoyed with all this constant ridicule, so they’ve taken to Twitter to respond to pretty much everyone who makes a joke about them or writes a nasty @ reply to their official account. The band ”“ or, really, whoever it is that is writing their official Twitter ”“ have been writing up dozens of replies. They range from the sarcastic ”“ “I bet it was the best day you’ve had in a while” in reply to a guy who wrote that  he had “an aneurysm and violently shit myself at the same time” upon hearing a Nickelback song on the radio ”“ to the somewhat mean, asking, “Did you do it yet?” to a young woman who wrote that “Nickelback makes me want to chop my ears off.”

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Though Nickelback have been mostly grappling with haters on Twitter, they have been engaging in some friendly comments too, informing fans of tour dates and offering general kind words to well-wishers. However, if you ever wanted to either directly tell off Nickelback or get insulted by the band themselves, now is your chance.

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