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NISHA Asks for A ‘Party of 2’ On New Single

The U.S.-based pop artist showcases proficient vocals on the R&B laced track

David Britto Nov 18, 2021

U.S.-based pop artist NISHA. Photo: Shervin Lainez

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After the release of 2020’s four-track EP Paris, U.S.-based pop artist NISHA decided to lay low for a bit and spend time with family. The singer says, “It’s been a year of processing, taking account and structuring.” Now, NISHA is out with a brand-new offering, the steamy “Party of 2.”

The new song has been composed using groovy beats, synths, R&B influences as well as NISHA’s soaring vocals, catchy melodies, slick lyrics and more. Talking about the track, the artist says, “On the surface, it’s a fun play on the excitement you feel at the beginning of a relationship. For me it also reflects a shift toward needing less, being able to focus on one thing, one person and being happy with that.”

Looking ahead, NISHA tells us there are more singles in the pipeline, while also stringing together a larger body of material. The artist says, “There’s stuff in the works for sure.” 

Stream “Party of 2” on Spotify below and on other platforms

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