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NISHA Delivers Shape-Shifting Debut EP ‘Paris’

The U.S.-based pop artist draws from various influences on the four-track record

David Britto Jan 06, 2021

U.S.-based pop artist NISHA. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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As someone who was born Indian in Nigeria and brought up in the U.S., pop artist NISHA has been influenced by various cultures, languages and mythologies. NISHA says, “It’s kind of a thrill to trace a word from one language to another and see how we’ve been connected as human beings across cultures.” All of this also translates into the music NISHA makes where inspiration is taken from everything whether it’s afrobeat, hip-hop, ghazals, Bollywood and more. This is best heard on the just-released four-track debut EP Paris.

NISHA says, “My cultural fluidity has led me to be really curious about where these cultures intersect, and why, and how to answer those questions in the music.” The artist adds, “Paris answered these questions for me in the simplest way. It’s a love letter because what has always connected us is love, no matter where we are or where we are from.”

Paris was produced by French producer group Le Side after Nisha met them in Los Angeles. According to the singer-songwriter, the writing sessions were smooth and natural. The record opens with the nostalgic “Cassonade” in which NISHA sings about memories while the more upbeat “Sunbutter” paints a picture of a romantic rush. The reggae-pop title track is about self-acceptance before we hear the whole EP once more in its entirety on “11:11.”

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“I was trying to express the particular way that memory and reality, like art and life are correlated,” says NISHA. The singer adds, “The EP loops back on itself; it starts out with the act of reminiscing and leads you through the journey of love and liberation but ends up back where it started. I wanted to speak to the cyclical nature of co-dependency and addiction.” Sonically the EP is filled with exiting trap beats, melancholic sections, pop flavors, NISHA’s silky vocals and more.

Up until now, NISHA had only put out singles, ask them how it feels to have a body of work in the shape of an EP now. The artist says, “It’s an amazing way to tell a longer story and I’m looking forward to expanding on what I’ve learned from this process.” With visuals set to be out to complement the record, NISHA has already begun work on a full-length album. “I’d like to create some digital content until shows resume but I can’t wait to travel, perform and meet the people who love this music again,” says NISHA.

Stream ‘Paris’ below:

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