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Noori, Hari & Sukhmani Team Up

The Pakistani rock band join hands with the Chandigarh folktronica duo on a new track; tour together

Nirmika Singh Mar 19, 2016
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Hari and Sukhmani Pakistani rockers Noori. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Hari and Sukhmani Pakistani rockers Noori. Photo courtesy of the artist.

It is convenient to label any collaboration between Indian and Pakistani artists a sign of peace. But Chandigarh’s folktronica act Hari & Sukhmani and Lahore-based rock band Noori had no intention to make a  political or social cause of their recent joint venture, a song called “Yariyaan”. Says Hari, “We aren’t trying to make any statement with this song for any greater good. It’s a bunch of musicians thrashing it out, for the love of music.” Concurs guitarist Ali Hamza of Noori, “Our nationalities specifically had no play in it. It was just a natural human connection.”

The seeds of this musical team-up were sown back in 2012 when Noori met Hari & Sukhmani in Dallas, USA. After over four years of creative back-and-forth [which included a few cross-border visits as well], the musicians finally added finishing touches to the song last year. The four years that went into the song were worth it, after all. Says Hamza, “We were discovering a dynamic and in a way those four years were helpful as we got a chance to get comfortable with each other’s skins to understand each other better.”

When it came to brainstorming ideas and lyrics, the four musicians ”“ Hamza and his brother Ali Noor as well as their Indian counterparts ”“ were their individualistic best. The result is a mellifluous Punjabi track that has carries with it the trademark strengths of both the collaborating acts. While Sukhmani displays her genial folksy vocals, the Ali brothers bring feisty rock chops to the composition.

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The video for “Yariyaan” which released on Pepsi MTV Indies, shows all the artists in their element; one couldn’t tell they aren’t from the same band.

Although the musicians want to steer clear of preaching a message of peace with this song, it is not easy to overlook the fact that the collab is very much a cultural handshake of sorts between the two countries. Says Hamza, “We are in times where things are a bit tense and these kind of efforts are a good way to ease and create some breathing space for people. Music, unlike sports, is not a competitive feeling.”

Watch the video for ‘Yariyaan’ below.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZEfoz6O7-0[/youtube]

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