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Now, an App for Indian Classical Music

The newly launched Saregama Classical features musical works, curated playlists and radio stations that cover the genres of Hindustani, Carnatic and fusion.

Viveck Nagarajan Oct 08, 2015
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Ravi Shankar

The new app features classical works by veterans like Ravi Shankar (in the picture), Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Jasraj and others.

If classical music lovers ever secretly wished for a collection of Indian classical music at the touch of a button, it is their time to rejoice now.  A new app, Saregama Classical, has been recently launched and it features over 8000 musical works, 400 artists and 50 radio stations across Hindustani, Carnatic and fusion music.

Being the single largest source of Indian classic music repository in the world, the label — Saregama — unveiled the new mobile application with an aim to cater to the patrons of the now niche genre and also those who want to be initiated into classical music. Says the label’s managing director, Vikram Mehra, “The app is our way of using the power of the digital age to get classical heritage back in the hands of people.”

According to him, although classical music has many takers, it is not widely available digitally. Other popular streaming apps in the market, such as Saavan, Gaana, Guvera, too, are more Bollywood music-centric. He says ”˜’When we started our research in January, we wanted to check if there was anything people missed from the existing music applications today. One of the things which came out was that people who are patrons of niche content such as classical music were not able to discover it easily on these applications.’’

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Saregama Classical also boasts a collection of radio channels, as well as pre-curated playlists of music that get updated regularly. Users can even filter their selections from categories such as vocal, instrumentals and raga across Hindustani, Carnatic and fusion music sections.

Saregama Classical is a free-to-download app with a seven-day trial period.



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