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#NowListening with Adil Kurwa

The Mumbai bassist shares some of his favorite music that he’s got on loop right now by artists such as The Strokes, Don Broco and more

Rolling Stone India Aug 28, 2018

Mumbai bassist Adil Kurwa. Photo: Jishnu Guha

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Don Broco – “Come Out To LA”

I discovered Don Broco earlier this year and I have developed an unhealthy obsession with the band. Their music is all about really catchy hooks and they have found this amazing balance between pop, metal and touch of electronic music, which hits all the spots. Their music videos are incredible.

Day Wave ”“ “Ordinary”

This band has some really awesome simple honest music. I keep listening to this song because it’s so damn simple and honest. The album The Days We Had is good from start to finish.

Dance Gavin Dance ”“ “Shelf Life”

Dance Gavin Dance is a guilty pleasure of mine since maybe their first album. They have constantly evolved with each release and there’s just no way to describe them. This is one of the mellower songs of their latest record called Artificial Intelligence.

Young Buffalo ”“ “Guilt”

I heard this song while watching a show called Roadies, which was about a crew with a touring band. The show probably got cancelled because only some musicians would watch it but it’s totally worth it.

The Strokes – “I’ll Try Anything Once”

The Strokes is one of my all time favorite bands and I had to mention them. This song was probably the demo to “You Only Live Once” but this stripped down version has all kinds of magic to it. The song has great lyrics, it’s a great reminder to do stuff if you’re too afraid to try.

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