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#NowListening with Dualist Inquiry

The New Delhi electronica artist shares with us some of the songs he’s got on loop by Khruangbin, Henry Wu and more

Rolling Stone India Sep 10, 2018

New Delhi electronica artist Dualist Inquiry. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Kamaal Williams ”“ The Return

These strings are so emotive, haunted and melancholic that I had to go find out how he got this sound. Even though he plays with a live band, incredibly, this sound came from one of his synthesizers, the Nord Electro 5.

Khruangbin ”“ “Como Me Quieres”

I love this song because of the way the guitar melody in the intro just sucks you in whatever kind of music you like, I find that this speaks to all sorts. It’s so classic and contemporary at the same time.

Brian Eno ”“ Ambient 1: Music for Airports

I recently rediscovered this groundbreaking ambient album from 1978 and got reminded that such a thing would not have been possible had Brian Eno not marched off into the unknown, proceeding without precedent, without fear of what the unfamiliar might bring.

Henry Wu ”“Boards and Skins”

It really helps to realize that this is live music being born out of an electronic breeding ground. This song has classic roots, but belongs to today.

Blonde Redhead ”“ “For the Damaged Coda”

Another throwback, I heard this song as the closing track at a very popular DJs set (I forget who it was), and was instantly riveted. Later, it turned out its better known as the Rick and Morty song, as that show made it uber-famous in its first season. Great songwriting, intense vibe, winning tune.

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