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Nucleya and Benny Dayal on their Favorite Collaborations

The dubstep producer and the singer recently teamed up for the song “Tamil Fever”

Rolling Stone India Jul 10, 2014
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(from left) Benny Dayal and Nucleya.

(from left) Benny Dayal and Nucleya.

Delhi-based dubstep producer Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar has been on a collaboration spree ever since he released his EP Koocha Monster last year, traveling the country with multi-instrumentalist and composer Karsh Kale for MTV’s Sound Trippin’ and also playing as part of the NH7 All Stars along with the Karsh Kale Collectiv at NH7 Weekenders across the country.

While filming for Sound Trippin’, Sagar met singer Benny Dayal, who was also part of the Collectiv and a regular collaborator with Kale. Says Sagar, “We bounced off ideas and this track happened very fast. The entire song structure was down in a couple of hours.” Dayal adds, “He [Sagar] just used his laptop mic and we recorded vocal melodies.” The resultant track, “Tamil Fever,” is part of Sony’s collaboration series Project Resound’s second season, which also includes tracks by Karsh Kale, electro rock band Pentagram and electro duo Midival Punditz.

We asked Sagar and Dayal to pick their favorite artist collaborations. Here’s the list


1. Skrillex and The Doors ”“ “Breakin’ A Sweat” 

Says Sagar, “This was part of the Re:generation music project that had a lot of other cool DJs as well. This was very cool.”

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2. Vishal Dadlani and Imogen Heap ”“ “Minds Without Fear” 

Says Sagar, “I really like everything from The Dewarists, but this is my favorite one.”


3. Nucleya ft Chinna Ponnu, Relok ”“ “Bell Gadi” 

Although it’s his own track, Sagar explains the reason he chose the song was because of the way the collaboration with Tamil folk singer Chinna Ponnu. “When we were supposed to record, we had blocked the studio just for one hour and she was delayed by half an hour, but when we started, we ended up recording four tracks.”


Benny Dayal

1. The Dewarists Season I

With collaborations ranging from rock veterans Indian Ocean and singer Mohit Chauhan to folk rock artist Raghu Dixit and Manipur folk singer Rewben Mashangva, Dayal describes the first season of the music collaboration show as “magical.” Says Dayal, “Every collaboration starts from a small room. It showed the beauty of music.”


2. Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder ”“ “Just Good Friends” 

Says Dayal, “This one is not the same as any other I’ve heard. It has two of my favorite artists.”


3. Will.i.am ft Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and French Montana ”“ “Feelin’ Myself”

Says Dayal, “It’s very minimalist, but it’s still got that energetic vibe to it.”

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Watch the video for Nucleya and Benny Dayal’s song for Project Resound, “Tamil Fever”

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