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Dig out Your Soul
Three and a half stars

Neha Sharma Jan 19, 2009

“I’ve literally got nothing left to write about: I’ve wrote about being a youth, and I’ve wrote about being a rock star, and I’ve wrote about living life in the big city. I’ve been re-visiting some of my more psychedelic trips of a younger man, because I remember them all you see… putting them to music,” ”“ revealed Noel Gallagher in a press interview. Well, the unruly buggers are back and how! Dig out Your Soul is essential Oasis and will be best understood and cherished by Oasis fans who have followed the bands catalogue since their first album. This record realigns itself ”“ shredding outrage on the rhythm sections, explosive amperage, and the stomping pulse skirted by the constant jangle of the tambourine ”“ with the original Oasis template constructed on Definitely Maybe (1994) and (What’s the Story) Morning Glory (1995). The melodic drift the Gallagher brothers caught on to in Be Here Now (1997,) Heathen Chemistry (2002,) and Don’t Believe the Truth (2005) is only obliged on ‘Outta Time.’ The elemental riffs are missing, the acoustics are put to sleep, and the sap and emotional baggage are left behind. ‘The Shock of the Lightening’ very strongly recalls ‘Hello’ from Morning Glory. ‘The Nature of Reality’ which starts with a hissing rattle introduces the blues stealthily ensnared in a gritty rock soul. Similarly on ‘High Horse Lady’ ”“ which is very Seventies psychedelic – Oasis brings something new to the table. Though Gallagher’s inimitable vocals always nail identity, the song writing still explores new terrain without making it very evident. This is so welcome – they live a lifetime, and go back to the start with stellar charm.

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