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Defeat the Question
Independent release
[Two and a half stars]

Neha Sharma Jan 27, 2011

October’s debut album makes for an ear-assailing listening experience with all the unflattering details swimming to the surface. A technically compromised, crummy recording bludgeons this album to a disfigured pulp. The Delhi based prog-rock outfit showcases slivers of potential on a few compositions ”“ on ”˜October’ and ”˜Myriad’ one can trace some sturdy hooks through the all-obliterating noise fuzz. But for some others there are simply no excuses; for instance ”˜Down’ sounds like a bad tribute to Tool. While the vocals just about make the cut, the lyrics are the saving grace on some songs, but this too is countered with others that are dull and unimaginative, like that of the Asterix-inspired ”˜Getafix’ which routes the rather predictable and literal notion of a hallucinogenic trip. For October it’s time to head back to the workshop and get their hands dirty for real.

Key Tracks: ”˜October,’ ”˜Myriad’

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