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Oh, Rocket! Talks Future Releases

Kolkata indietronica artist Aniket Dutta is chaneling confusion and Eighties pop on his upcoming material, which includes an EP and an album

Anurag Tagat Aug 08, 2016
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Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Oh, Rocket! says his upcoming EP ‘Police Science’ is about “not making sense.” Photo: Courtesy of the artist

If we had one takeaway from our conversation with Kolkata-based Aniket Dutta, it would be ”“ “it’s quite confusing.” Dutta, who started his indietronica project Oh, Rocket! in late 2013 with guitarist-producer Shubharun Sengupta, says his upcoming third EP ”“ called Police Science ”“ is influenced by too many things.

Dutta has just moved house to the metropolitan area of Jodhpur Park in south Kolkata and started living with his girlfriend, a film producer. He says they’re working on two films together and he’s working out a score, one of which is an independent short film that he’s written the story for and worked out a score similar to Oh, Rocket!’s synth-friendly vibe. He’s joined a film production house, too. Says Dutta, “That [film] has more impact than my own musical influences. But still, I’m very confused with what I want to do and what I’m wanting.”

The four-track Police Science is pretty much centered around dilemma. Dutta says the EP is about “not making sense” and one of the songs are just about “nonsensical things,” in terms of lyrical themes. We agree, there’s probably no better way to describe existing live unreleased staples such as “Common Carrot,” which finds its way on the Eighties pop-influenced, cinematic record. Dutta, of course, is crooning his way through in his distinct R&B-esque range, making sure we probably don’t understand a word of what he’s on about, on first listen.

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Holed up in his new home studio setup, Dutta has played synth, guitars and will lay down vocals to have Police Science ready by October. Guitarist Shubharun Sengupta has also contributed to the EP. There’s also the long-overdue full-length record Bloomspoon, now due early next year. The album was originally intended for completion in 2014, but Oh, Rocket! instead moved ahead with two chill, electronica EPs – The Clouds Woke No Clocks and 2015’s Clever Clever. He adds about the release plan this time around, “We’ll have big shows. I’ll work with a full band, but I haven’t thought of who’ll be in the band yet.”

He talks with uncertainty about gigs, but says it might just be what he needs. “I’m planning a tour, but I do have to play gigs. It occupies most of my daily habit, when I have to practice. That helps, actually.”

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