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Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
[Three stars]

Mar 10, 2010

It still trails ”˜Jizz in My Pants’ for YouTube clicks, but OK Go’s 48-million-served ”˜Here It Goes Again’ made it hard to imagine the Chicago quartet beyond treadmill choreography and geek-boy casual wear. Coloured by Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann and endorsed by This American Life’s Ira Glass, their latest aims to make their sounds measure up to the visuals. The single ”˜WTF?’ conjures vintage Prince, all breathless falsetto and bone-dry “Kiss” guitar; there are tweaked Sixties AM-radio melodies and flashes of quiet soul. But it’s mostly a psychedelic, smarty-pants dance party; no gym machines necessary.

Key Tracks: ‘WTF’, ‘This Too Shall Pass’

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