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OMEGA X Are Suave and Alluring in ‘Love Me Like’

The single leads the rookie group’s second EP of the same name

Divyansha Dongre Jan 05, 2022
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South Korean rookie group OMEGA X unveils an effortlessly suave persona in the latest release, “Love Me Like.” The release leads the group’s second EP of the same name following their June 2021 debut with Vamos. 

Stemming from a drunken haze between DJ Snake’s 2018 hit “Taki Taki” a HyunA & DAWN’s 2021 single “Ping Pong,” “Love Me Like” is OMEGA X’s grand declaration of versatility presented via the group’s sharp visuals and style. Strikingly different from their synth-trap debut single “Vamos,” “Love Me Like” adds moombahton to the group’s growing discography. The chorus displays an exciting sonic shift, phasing in a flute melody–the concoction instantly becoming the highlight of the track.

At its core, the single is a powerful love anthem, elucidating the emotional rollercoaster that is love. The lyricism’s unfiltered, lovestruck perspective displays the group’s confidence in a never-seen-before light: “Quickly lock me inside your arms, ma’ babe/ Don’t let me be lonely/ You engrave something deep in my heart/ Something that won’t be erased.” As the song progresses, the group outline how passion can sometimes unlock the vulnerable side of the self. Although the intense feelings may push the individual into a ‘romance lockdown,’ they still exhibit feelings of fear and loneliness: “I’m afraid you might disappear after our crazy love ends/ Don’t let me be lonely/ I hope you feel the same way as my uncontrollably growing heart.”

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Similar to the group’s previous releases, “Love Me Like” is driven by strong choreography against a neon-heavy set design. The track also sees the group opt for bolder fashion ensembles ranging from fitted dark suits, mesh tops, corset belts and more–categorizing this comeback as mature and bold.

OMEGA X’s second EP Love Me Like comes three months after the release of their first single album, What’s Going On. The latest five-track EP houses additional tracks such as “Action,” “12.24,” “Liar” and “Please.”

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