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On The Cover: Scribe

How an unassuming band of musicians schooled Indian metal in the art of cool

Rolling Stone India Jun 13, 2013
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The world of Indian metal, “the scene” as it were, is not always a pretty place. It’s full of jagged edges, made of people waiting to take offence at the slightest taint on the sacred altars of the genre. There are bands and audiences alike who believe that there’s no place for humor in metal, or lightheartedness; that it’s “underground” for a reason. But then, there are those that believe very firmly in wearing a panda hat to a show. That a gig isn’t successful until at least half the audience is on stage with the band. That it’s not just okay to bring (gasp!) Bollywood into the sacred realms of metal but that you have to celebrate its greatest excesses in song. There is, in effect, Scribe.

Words: Deepti Unni

Behind the scenes photos by Avni Murthy.

For the full story, pick up this month’s issue of ROLLING STONE India. 

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