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One Direction Play Dress-Up In ‘Best Song Ever’

New clip from boy band breaks VEVO record for most views in one day

Jon Blistein Jul 24, 2013
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Yesterday, One Direction dropped a goofy new clip for “Best Song Ever,” and their fans went wild. In the video, the boy band plays a bit of dress-up and squares off with clueless studio executives in a silly battle over the group’s new image. Playing said clueless studio execs, of course, are members of 1D, with Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson dressed up as dead-ringers for Harvey Weinstein and Tom Cruise’s Tropic Thunder character Les Grosman, respectively.

The duo are stoked on how to take the band to the proverbial next level but proceed to bring in a motley, horribly underqualified crew comprised of Marcel the dweeby marketing guy (Harry Styles) and Leeroy the overzealous choreographer (Liam Payne), while they’re all doted over by the “sexy assistant” played by Zayn Malik. As you can imagine, the ideas presented to the 1D gang go from bad (splits and pirouettes) to godawful (Backstreet Boys-circa-1998 costumes), and soon, the lads are wreaking havoc throughout the office and even throwing in a few dance moves for good measure.

Directed by Ben Winston, the video’s already a certified hit, racking up a whopping 10.9 million views across the VEVO platform in 24 hours and breaking Miley Cyrus’ previous record of 10.7 million for “We Can’t Stop.”

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