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ONEWE Makes a Heart-Rending Comeback with ‘Universe’

The single leads the band’s second EP ‘Planet Nine: VOYAGER’

Divyansha Dongre Jan 04, 2022
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Korean alternative rock group ONEWE explores togetherness and the power of finding solace in one another in their latest release “Universe.”

Leading the quintet’s six-track EP Planet Nine: VOYAGER, “Universe” floats over a mellow piano melody with warm, bright guitar and percussion sounds forraying the track’s composition into a sonically richer sphere. As the single progresses, the group gradually introduces additional sonic elements such as rhythmic bass guitar sounds, giving “Universe” a rock-ballad finish. In a true rock spirit, ONEWE includes an effortlessly harmonious, uplifting riff during the track’s bridge, enhancing its soundscape. 

Co-written by the group’s leader Yonghoon, the single describes the dynamics of a tight relationship between two individuals: “Something that only the sky, the ground and we know/ A story engraved on a little star.” With “Universe,” it seems like ONEWE are on a quest to honor and cherish the memories of those who were part of their lives. While the twisted tricks of the universe may have snatched them away, the group finds comfort in knowing the memories they shared will always remain by their side: “Shall we go far away/ Shall we go even further/ What if we fall on that star.” The lyricism and metaphors referencing celestial bodies go hand in hand with the group’s planet-themed narrative. 

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The melancholic clip runs on two timelines– the past, where the flashbacks show us the meaningful relationships the members once shared. Be it with their mothers, grandmothers, or even a dog, the flashbacks evoke a sense of bitter-sweet reminiscences. The second timeline focuses on the present, where the group must come to terms with the absence of their loved ones and the void they’ve left behind. It leaves you pondering over the fundamental question that doesn’t quite have a concrete answer– how do you continue to live without your reason for living? In a wistful conclusion, ONEWE buries a rocket-shaped time capsule, filled with cherished, tangible memories into the ground, before imagining a sequence where each member is running into the horizon alongside their loved ones. 

Planet Nine: VOYAGER’s marks ONEWE’s comeback seven months after the release of their previous EP, Planet Nine: Alter Ego. The six-track record houses self-written tracks from each member, allowing listeners to understand the group’s artistry at an up-close and personal level. 

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