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OnlyOneOf Drop Captivating Video for ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’

The South Korean septet return with their second single album ‘Produced by [ ], Pt. 2’

Riddhi Chakraborty Aug 27, 2020

OnlyOneOf in the music video for "A Song of Ice & Fire"

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South Korean rookie group OnlyOneOf have dropped their second single album, Produced by [ ], Pt. 2 led by the single “A Song of Ice & Fire.” The record is part of a collaborative series and follows Produced by [ ], Pt. 1, which featured tracks created by some of the most prominent R&B producers in South Korea–GRAY, Cha Cha Malone and BOYCOLD. In terms of star-studded collaborators, Produced by [ ], Pt. 2 is no exception; Samuel Seo, GroovyRoom and JR Groove are featured producers, each artist offering their own take on OnlyOneOf’s journey.

DJ duo GroovyRoom deliver a sultry blend of deep house and alternative R&B on “A Song of Ice & Fire” to complement OnlyOneOf’s smooth, breathy vocal style and dark aesthetic. According to the group’s label 8D Creative, the track “borrows the fantastical perspective of [Game of Thrones author] George R. R. Martin. In a virtual space, one season repeats itself for years and years” to portray a love like fire and ice that is always in conflict, but like the two elements cannot exist without either personality.

The music video is choreography-focused and set in what seems to be a container yard–the seven members are dressed in white as they perform their moves, drenched in alternating red and blue light or ‘fire’ and ‘ice.’ The choreography is crafted by the members of OnlyOneOf and portrays a sense of fluidity and elegance.

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Although it’s been just a year since their debut, OnlyOneOf have been steadily garnering attention due to their detailed, philosophical concepts, crisp choreography and experimentation with various branches of alternative R&B. Last month, the septet detailed their artistry in an in-depth interview with Rolling Stone India, explaining that they hope to expand the storyline side of K-pop with their work.

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