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Our Favorite Songs and Videos Right Now: Kanye and Kendrick, Sia and more

A playlist of the cuts that are rocking our world

Rolling Stone Feb 03, 2016
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Kanye West. Photo: Press image

Kanye West. Photo: Press image

As we bite our nails through caucus and primary season, and hurtle toward Super Bowl 50 and Grammy night, here are seven tracks that are soundtracking our 2016 so far. Read on to hear a typically formidable new PJ Harvey offering, a swoonworthy Chairlift song, and the first-ever team-up from Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.


Kanye West feat. Kendrick Lamar, “No More Parties in L.A.”

Kanye trades witty verses with K. Dot over a blunted Madlib co-production, sounding like a throwback to the smart-aleck Ye we loved circa 2005. Ditching the party has never sounded so cool. Consider us officially stoked for Waves.


PJ Harvey, “The Wheel”

Five years ago, Harvey blew our minds with Let England Shake, her spellbinding take on British folk. The lead single from her follow-up picks up where that left off, as she chants unsettling lyrics about destruction over roiling guitar chords and skronking sax.


Sia, “Unstoppable”

Sia has a special gift for writing monumental hooks that feel like they’re coming from a genuine place ”” like she does on this sledgehammer of a pop anthem.


Margaret Glaspy, “You and I”

“I don’t wanna see you cry, but it feels like a matter of time,” the rising singer-songwriter warns on this sharp, sour breakup song, underscoring her point with hot barbs of electric guitar.

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Chairlift, “Moth to the Flame”

The catchiest groove on Moth ”” the new LP from this Brooklyn synth-pop duo (and onetime Beyoncé collaborators) ”” feels as light and dizzy as falling in love. Listen a few times and we bet you will too.


Jeff Buckley, “Just Like a Woman”

Almost 20 years after the tragic romantic’s death, we’re still discovering new sides to his work. On this outtake from the Nineties, he stretches out a Dylan classic like a piece of psychedelic taffy.


Sad13 and Lizzo, “Basement Queens”

Speedy Ortiz singer-guitarist Sadie Dupuis (a.k.a. Sad13) and Minneapolis rapper-singer Lizzo team up for a wicked-fun tune about the timeless art of rocking out below ground level.


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