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Our Picks For Bacardi NH7 Weekender Pune

Gear up for a lot of stage hopping (we mean a whole lot) to catch your favorite bands or stay put for less-is-more goodness

Rolling Stone India Oct 17, 2013
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Like the Weekender lineup, our wish list includes some must repeats ”“ those fluffy, white gaddis lined up in front of the stage (The Dewarists of course), the giant disco ball in front of the Eristoff Wolves Den and the biggest one of all of course, to be at a stage or four at the same time. All realistic expectations. Our friends at NH7 Weekender need to have a chat with their friends at TED and get that clone machine installed right next to their T-shirt printing machine and we’ll be ready to roll. 

Be prepared to stage hop or if you’d rather chill with your nose buried in a bucket, stay put at some of these stages.

From top left: Nikhil Rao, Tuheen Chakravorty, Rahul Ram, Himanshu Joshi, Amit Kilam. Photo: Shatabdi Chakrabarti

Indian Ocean. Photo: Shatabdi Chakrabarti

Day 1

Parvaaz ”“ 4.35-5.15 pm ”“ The Dewarists

The Bengaluru psychedelic/blues rock band can always use a bigger stage and the Dewarists will be perfect for when they play from their debut EP, Behosh, their nine-minute single, “Khulfiya Dastaan” and their new set staple, an aptly-titled 17-minute track called “The Long Song.”

Shankar Tucker ”“ 5.45-6.35 pm ”“ The Dewarists

The American multi-instrumentalist and clarinet-player composes, performs a mix of Carnatic music and jazz on existing popular music. While his personal stage presence is quite somber, his tunes are an interesting catch if fusion music is your vice.

Blackstratblues ”“ 7.05-8.05 pm ”“ The Dewarists

We would have never imagined Blackstratblues on this stage, but we’re rooting for Warren Mendonsa and his band after watching him win over the I’m-too-punk-to-own-a-real-strat crowd at the recent Control+ALT+Delete show in Mumbai. Expect to hear his new-ish material including “Renaissance Mission” and the buoyant “Anandamide.”

 Reggae Rajahs ”“ 8.50-9.50 pm ”“ Breezer Dub Station

The Delhi group is back at Weekender again, but as a duo, since DJ MoCity isn’t going to be around. Fresh from their recent Europe tour, they will still bring a whole lot of energy to stage to make them a must-watch.

Indian Ocean ”“ 8.50-9.50 pm ”“ The Dewarists

Reggae Rajahs minus MoCity or Indian Ocean minus Susmit Sen? We may just end up at The Dewarists to watch the much-loved Delhi folk rock band win over their audience yet again, lineup changes be damned.

(from left) Keyboardist Uri Dijk, guitarist Bart Hennephof, vocalist Daniel De Jongh, guitarist Joe Tal, drummer Stef Broks and bassist Remko Tielemans. Photo: Courtesy of Textures

Dutch prog metal band Textures. Photo: Courtesy of the band

Day 2

Devoid ”“ 4-4.30 pm ”“ Bacardi Arena

Although we’re a bit bummed that Mumbai thrash metallers Devoid only get half an hour to bring it all crashing down, their set stands as a badass opener to the bands that follow them at the Bacardi Arena on day two. Knowing they’re playing at the happiest festival, Devoid might just play “The Beer Song” to kick things into gear.

Tajdar Junaid ”“ 4.305.00 pm ”“ Red Bull Tour Bus

We’ve been gunning for the Kolkata artist ever since we heard the demo version of “Though I Know,” a sweet song of lament, back in 2010 on MySpace. Tajdar plays mind-boggling number of instruments including the South American string instrument, charango, which seems to produce the most haunting notes of them all. His debut album, What Colour Is Your Raindrop, is filled with deeply reflective compositions but if lyrics rock your boat and you can’t stretch your imagination to appreciate instrumental tracks, don’t show up at this stage.

Scribe ”“ 5.00-6.00 pm ”“ Bacardi Arena

Their last performance was at the Red Bull Tour Bus launch in Mumbai earlier this month, but now that they’ve got space and an hour-long set at the Bacardi Arena, we might just hear a major chunk of their upcoming third album, Hail Mogambo along with set staples like “Buddy” and “1234 Dracula.”

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Frame/Frame ”“ 5.306.30 pm ”“ Breezer Dub Station

Delhi glitch-hop artist Nikhil Kaul aka Frame/Frame released his five-track EP, Swimmers, last month. While that’s just 15 minutes long, Kaul will probably modulate his way around an hour-long live set, including covers and smooth hip hop sounds.

Nucleya ”“ 6.00-7.00pm ”“ Eristoff Wolves Den

The Delhi-based producer just released his new bass-heavy EP Koocha Monster that flaunts its South Indian vibe. With his set favorite “Akkad Bakkad,” we can expect echoes of “Fuck that shit” all around the Wolves Den.

Suman Sridhar featuring Jiver ”“ 6.307.00 pm ”“ MTS Other Stage

Vocalist extraordinaire Suman Sridhar can do anything. We’ve heard her scale the wall between jazz and Indian classical and tapori with no effort. Opera? Check. Blues. Check. Metal? Can do. What makes this set more exciting is drummer Jivraj Singh, who has been part of various collaborations including the most buzzed about one with Kolkata-based singer songwriter Nischay Parekh on his debut album Ocean.

Skindred ”“ 6.30-7.30 pm ”“ Bacardi Arena

The Welsh reggae metallers play “aggressive dance music,” as vocalist Benji Webbe has mentioned. So get ready to dance, mosh and swing your hair to electro/nu-metal reggae.

The Supersonics ”“ 7.30-8.20 pm ”“ Red Bull Tour Bus

The Kolkata rockers getting back together last year made a lot of us ridiculously happy. They return to the tour bus stage they’ve called home for the past few weeks, and bring out the hits, including “Yeah Whatever.”

Deadly Hunta ”“ 7.30-8.40 pm ”“ Breezer Dub Station

British reggae/hip-hop/dancehall biggie Deadly Hunta is known for his collaborations with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan and Ice-T and his raw energy while performing live. Check out his SoundCloud page here to get a feel of what he might unleash at the Dub Station.

Nischay Parekh ”“ 8-8.30 pm ”“ MTS Other Stage

The Kolkata pop artist, who released his debut album Ocean last month, plays a perfect mix of trippy and catchy pop, accompanied by pianist Dylan Varner-Hartley and drummer Jivraj Singh.

Simian Mobile Disco ”“ 8.30-9.50pm ”“ Eristoff Wolves Den

The English electronica duo makes their India debut this year. Known to be gear heads who love their analog production and sound, SMD were one of the first international acts announced for Weekender Pune, and with good reason.

Textures ”“ 8.20-9.50 pm ”“ Bacardi Arena

On their third trip to India, Dutch prog metallers Textures will bring special guest and former guitarist/producer and Indophile Jochem Jacobs for his “farewell” gig and with a 90-minute set, we’re sure there won’t be a single song request turned down.

The Raghu Dixit Project ”“ 8.309. 50 pm ”“ The Dewarists

The Bengaluru folk rock project is the biggest calorie burner on the lineup alongside Pentagram and Papon. But besides putting your feet to work, Raghu Dixit will throw a couple of tongue twisters at you and won’t relent until you bust a lung and get it right in Kannada, Hindi and this time, maybe even in Tamil.  

Assamese folk artist Papon

Assamese folk artist Angaraag Papon Mahanta

Day 3

Func ”“ 3.204.10 ”“ Breezer Dub Station

Dusty reggae recordings. We’ve been waiting for this set ever since Func aka Randolph Correia used these words to describe Skank Be The Rock, his reggae spin on the music of Pentagram, one of the bands the guitarist and producer is a part of besides Shaa’ir+Func. Maybe he’ll blast some Buju Banton, Scientist and Lee “Scratch” Perry as well.

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Bone Broke ”“ 3.30-4.00 pm ”“ Red Bull Tour Bus

Guitarist and songwriter Dinkar Dwivedi performs with what he has jokingly called Bone BLEK, including drummer Linford D’Souza and bassist Jared Creado [from Mumbai alt punk band BLEK]. They’ll perform songs such as “I’ve Got Something,” and “Old Man.” Watch out for a guest appearance by bassist, scene funnyman and Dwivedi’s stoner partner in crime, Rohit P-Man Pereira.

The Koniac Net  – 3.30-4.00 pm ”“ MTS Other Stage

Mumbai indie/alternative rock band The Koniac Net played at the Other Stage last year as well, but this time, they’ve got new material for an upcoming EP, including the angsty lo-fi number, “The Ardent Companion That You Are.”

Sky Rabbit ”“ 4.00-4.30pm ”“ Bacardi Arena

The electro-rock act has been gigging quite incessantly but they’ve always been a treat to watch live, which makes us go back for more. Watch out for songs off their recently-released EP, Where, the dreamy “Hilltop” and possibly their cover of Delhi punk band Messiah’s “Then We Go Out.” We also hope they slip in “Beep Off” somewhere into their set this year.

Pentagram ”“ 5.00-6.00pm ”“ Bacardi Arena

The electro-rock act is one of the best live acts in the country, combing up energy from start to finish. Though their stage time clashes with the Krunk All-Stars [who play at the Eristoff Wolves Den], you won’t need long to get pumped up and ready for more electro coming up [read Chase & Status].

Winit Tikoo ”“ 5.306.30 pm ”“ The Dewarists

Folk rock singer-songwriter Winit Tikoo has played a few big stages with his band this year and performed on MTV Coke Studio. He’s one of the most underrated artists we’ve watched and can’t wait to catch him behind the mic again.

Chase & Status ”“ 6.307.45 ”“ Bacardi Arena

Bollywood haters will have to bow to this one. Manchester group Chase & Status’s “Eastern Jam” is a drum and bass blockbuster that will make you beg for an encore. Also watch out for the stunning visual display that had our jaw to the ground when we watched them at the Future Music Festival Asia in Malaysia last year. You’ll regret missing this one even if it is a DJ set.

Humble The Poet ”“ 6.40-7.40 pm ”“ Breezer Dub Station

Canadian elementary school teacher and hip hop artist (this is good for the classrooms, we must add) Kanwer Singh aka Humble The Poet performs in India less than a month after he successfully completed crowdfunding for his new album, UnLEARN. Get ready to shake not just your bodies, but also your minds to Singh’s rhymes.  

Karsh Kale Collectiv + The NH7 All Stars ”“ 8.309. 50 pm ”“ Bacardi Arena

Will guitarist Warren Mendonsa, who is co-directing this all star mash-up with Kale, do a crazy “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” meets “Not My Kind Of Girl” [since we don’t know of a Zero reunion as yet] as drummer Jai Row Kavi pounds a sledgehammer beat on his kit? Will Papon sing “Boitha Maro” over an audio visual blowup by B.L.O.T.? Anything can happen.

Papon ”“ 7. 308. 30 – Dewarists

A superstar back home in Assam, Angaraag Papon Mahanta wears his talent and stardom lightly. We love his charming banter between each song as much as his soaring folk songs. Indian folk music has never been more alive.

 For full schedule go here

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