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Our Picks From Pune NH7 Weekender Day 3

Pack in the most on the last day of the music festival

Rolling Stone India Nov 03, 2012
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The Dewarists Stage at Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2011

Day 3 ”“ November 4th

Thermal And A Quarter – 4.40-5.10pm – The Dewarists

The indie rock veterans will bring the southern flavor to the fore when they perform songs off their latest album, 3 Wheels 9 Lives. We think the real challenge for the Bengaluru band will be to play a 30-minute set when they’ve just released a mammoth set of 28 songs as part of their multi-disc album.  


Inner Sanctum – 5.20-5.50pm – Bacardi Black Rock Arena

When these Bengaluru metallers launched their EP Provenance in 2009, the Indian scene took notice. By now, in addition to favorites like “Agent of Chaos” and “Quarantine”, the band has plenty more riff-churning songs to get the moshers going.

 Watch Inner Sanctum play “Agent of Chaos” here


Madu- 5.30-6.20pm – Pepsi Dub Station

Soul, jazz and dub are combined in this Dublin band’s dance-friendly tunes. Fronted by Irish/Malaysian brother and sister duo of beats controller Salim and vocalist Aminah Dastan, Madu will perform “Sunshine” and “Left Handed” among other tracks.

 Watch Madu performing “Sunshine” here


Kailasa – 7.20”“8.10pm – The Dewarists 

Music director and composer Kailash Kher will lead his Sufi-tinged fusion act along with a familiar troupe consisting of Naresh and Paresh Kamath. With their album Rangeele being released in January, you can expect a lot of people singing along to new songs such as “Tu Kya Jaane” and concert staples like “Allah Ke Bande” and “Teri Deewani”.

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Indus Creed – 7.40”“8.20pm – Bacardi Black Rock Arena

Mumbai’s rock veterans will be playing a 40-minute set including songs like “Fireflies” off their 2012 album Evolve. What’s sure to get the crowd jumping will be tracks such as “Rock n’ Roll Renegade” and “Bulletproof”. That, and Uday Benegal’s unmistakable stage presence.


Karnivool – 8.50- 9.50pm – Bacardi Black Rock Arena

The Aussie prog rock band seems to have developed a soft spot for India. They played at IIT Mumbai last year, and they’ll be playing to an equally matched crowd this time. From the loaded “Set Fire To The Hive” to the emotive “All I Know”, this is going to be yet another memorable evening for Karnivool fans.


Seun Kuti & Egypt 80- 9-9.50pm, The Dewarists Stage

The Nigerian saxophonist and vocalist will lead his father Fela Kuti’s band Egypt80 through some afrobeat songs. Seun took charge of the band when he was just 14 years old. With the politically-charged album From Africa With Fury: Rise, Kuti takes on dictators and the like on songs like “African Soldier” and “Mr Big Thief”. 

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