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Papon Composes Roadies Theme Track

Assamese singer has produced title song for 10th season of reality show

Megha Mahindru Jan 04, 2013
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His raucous audiences may have a Roadie or three in them, but the mild mannered, good humored Assamese folk singer Angaraag Papon Mahanta is an unlikely choice of singer for the MTV Roadies title track “Ja Ja Bor” that will be released this month.

Written in part Hindi, part Assamese, “Ja Ja Bor” clocks in at 4.20 minutes and talks about a traveler facing life fearlessly on the road and sees show host Raghu Ram teaming up with Papon for the lyrics. “Raghu wrote the Hindi lyrics and he captured the theme subtly. It’s beautifully written,” says Papon, who recently finished recording the song’s video with his band at an air landing strip outside Pune. “It’s an Asssamese folk meet progressive rock meet dubstep,” adds Papon, “I like the beats of dubstep. I’ve used them in songs even before I knew it was dubstep.” 


Listen to the track here 

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