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The Partap Brothers: Remembering the Illustrious Journey of the Classical Trio

New-York based musician Kabir Partap has announced a docu-series on his family’s global contribution to the Sikh community

Rolling Stone India Jun 25, 2021

The Partap Brothers

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The world is no stranger to the spiritual music of the revered trio, the Partap Brothers. Their voice echoes in Gurudwaras, weddings, theaters, Kirtans and many houses even today. Synonymous with the renaissance of the Purtan Gurmat Sangeet, Davinder, Mohinder and Ravinder Partap were powerful, pioneering multi-instrumentalists who created a global musical identity for the Sikh community.  

Celebrating the forty year journey of the trifecta, Mohinder Partap’s son Kabir Partap is set to release a docu-series chronicling the eventful and devout campaign of the Pratap Brothers. Following his father’s death in February this year, the younger Partap realized his ardent desire to document his family’s rich contribution to their religion. 

Watch the Partap Brothers perform in Toronto in the early Nineties.

After all, the brothers — along with their father Sant Partap Singh — embarked on worldwide voyages, educating masses about Sikhism and culture through music and devotion. This soon-to-be-released watch will also trace their migration to a strange land, the unwavering bonds of brotherhood and international fame.  

In the last 40 years, the Partap Brothers have traveled to the U.K., North America, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan and Kenya, performing and presenting their art. Their journey began in 1978 when this Indian band of brothers migrated to the United States. In the Seventies and the Eighties, they traveled extensively through Europe and North America, collecting appreciation and fans along their way, wowing masses beyond cultures and languages with Puratan Gurmat Sangeet – devotional renditions based on Indian classical music in Sikh religion. 

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The third-gen Partap’s musical upbringing, heavily inspired by his father and uncles, inspired him to pursue a unique path. Introduced to diverse cultures from a tender age, Kabir Partap developed an eclectic taste in music, ranging from the Hindustani classical to American classical and contemporary, which defines his Punjabi and R&B sound today, contrasting to that of his predecessors. 

Today, the New Yorker youth’s raison d’être is to carry forth the legacy of his rich heritage through a cinematic and musical experience. The non-fiction series is currently still in the making. It will be released in English and will be translated into Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

Watch the Partap Brothers perform in Lahore. Stream their music here.

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