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Pearl Masters MCX

Rating: Four and a half stars

Pros: All Maple shells, Optimount Tom System, Pearls Mastercast hardware
Cons: The pricing

rsiwebadmin Jan 20, 2009
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For the longest time acquiring a Pearl drum set has been a dream for most drummers barring the exceptional few that managed to import them into the country. Pearl drums have now finally been launched in India via Furtados Music and the full Pearl Range is available. The kit in focus, however, is none other than the Pearl Masters MCX. The Pearl Masters Premium and Masterworks series are top-of-the-line drum kits that have been used by some of the best drummers the world over. The MCX series is the most affordable of the Masters series.

The MCX features a 6 ply all Maple shell with a 7.2mm thickness; this is the same shell that features on its big brother version, Masters Premium. The all Maple shell offers a thick-bodied warm tone to the drums and the pre-fitted Remo heads obviously do justice to the kit. Even the bass drum hoops are 1005 Maple. The standard MCX comes with a 22×18 bass drum, 12×9 and 13×10 rack toms, a 16×16 floor tom and a 14×5.5 snare drum. The toms are mounted with the Pearls Optimount system which again basically means it doesn’t pierce through the shell and allows the toms to resonate fully; however in this case it attaches itself to a set of tension rods on the toms. The MCX hardware again is the same as that of the Masters Premium. They are fitted with Pearl’s special Mastercast hoops. The hardware included with the MCX is the 1,000 series hardware which is sturdy and reliable and also not very heavy. The pearl hardware is a bit complicated for first-time users but not without reason ”“ and that is to provide maximum flexibility and adjustment for the drums and cymbals.

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The final verdict on the MCX is that it’s a kit that most drummers will aspire to own. However it is an expensive kit at Rs 1,10,00, so it’s not something a bedroom drummer is going to look at but for a professional it’s definitely worth saving up for.

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