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PENTAGON Returns With a Sleek and Suave Music Video for ‘Feelin’ Like’

The K-pop group returns with their 12th EP after the release of their March 2021 EP ‘Love of Take’

Divyansha Dongre Jan 24, 2022
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After nearly a year, K-pop group PENTAGON makes a spellbinding comeback with the exhilarating single “Feelin’ Like.” The track leads the group’s 12th EP IN:VITE U. 

Co-written by members JINHO, KINO, and WOOSEOK, “Feelin’ Like” is an intimate, romantically charged ode to the one who has you wrapped around their finger. The saucy R&B number blends rhythmic synth with pop beats, creating a refreshing, groovy melody that will echo in your mind for days. PENTAGON saves the best for the chorus which employs a gruff vocalization—sonically similar to that of a husky whisper—to intensify the sensorial quotient of the track.

Inspired by the myth of Pygmalion’s statue, Galatea (where a sculptor named Pygmalion falls in love with the statue he’d sculpted to represent his ideal woman), “Feelin’ Like” sees the group explore love, passion and pleasure in their unique style; “You, you make my heartbeat/ I don’t want you to know, I don’t want to be caught/ My fingertips that climbed onto you keep slipping.” It’s a fitting motif for a leading single of an EP that stems from the journey of love. According to the group, IN:VITE U welcomes you to “a space where a new definition of love is unfolded by PENTAGON, who realizes that love comes naturally, creates pieces of the moment, and flows somewhere again just as time passes.”

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The music video is equally sophisticated and mature, with the members performing chic choreographed routines in a museum-driven art space. Notably, the music video gives a modern spin at objects that were used to express ‘temptation’ in ancient artworks. 

With all six tracks written and composed by PENTAGON members, IN:VITE U establishes itself as a powerful comeback in the group’s five-year career. This album also sees member JINHO join the group since he was relieved from mandatory military service. 

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