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Pentagram releases music video

Pentagram releases music video of Lovedrug Climbdown from new album Bloodywood

rsiwebadmin Oct 10, 2011
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India’s electro-rockers’ Pentagram released music video for their track ”˜Lovedrug Climbdown’ off their recently released fourth album Bloodywood. The fun, jump-around-vibe track has a animated video, created by famous city illustrator and graphic designer Sameer Kulavoor, under his label Bombay Duck Designs. Along with sister Zeenat, and partners-in-crime Sameer Kulkarni and Devashree Dhakras, Kulavoor stitched together an under four minute collage of all the things to love and hate about Mumbai. “The song is basically about love. So I took that in the context of loving this city. Taking that as the idea of the video, we worked on it for a month,” says Kulavoor, who got the idea from a photo shoot of the band on a beach, composed by Babblefish Productions. “There were all these elements in it that represented the city, which one would miss at one glance. We worked on those as symbolism for the video,” says Kulavoor, who put together frames of the dark and light elements of the city in a cyclical motion starting with a cup of cutting chai, ponies from a merry-go-around, Babas who indulge in self-flagellation, buses, taxis, carnival robots on the beach, meters, pav bhaji and more interspersed with sketches of the band-members. “We put in a lot of quirky imagery and the band loved the idea,” says Kulavoor, who has worked with Pentagram previously on another music video, ”˜Disconnected’ from their second album Up.

Watch the video here:

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