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Perp On New Single: ‘It Is Based on The Sexual Fantasy of a Woman’

The Mumbai singer-songwriter collaborated with producer VAVAE on ‘Do me a favor’

David Britto Feb 11, 2022

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Urmila Sivadas aka Perp. Photo: Uttara Sivadas

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Urmila Sivadas aka Perp recalls music coming into her life as a toddler and learning Carnatic music from the age of six. From there, she went on to play in a band in school and later enrolled herself at the city-based True School of Music. She says, “Being exposed to genres like jazz, hip-hop, R&B, funk and soul, I slowly journeyed into exploring and performing tunes from different genres.” Taking heed from everything she learned over the years, Perp released her debut moving single “My Mind” with French artist NSHKO last year.

Perp says, “The process of working on ‘My Mind’ strangely helped me find myself as an artist I’d never really seen myself as before. I got over a really intense and long writer’s block after working on this song.” Now, the singer is out with her follow-up in the shape of the sultry “Do me a favor,” in collaboration with producer VAVAE.

Perp and VAVAE never met in person, but the pair connected on Instagram after the singer found a video of the producer making beats. “I couldn’t help but reach out to him for a collaboration. VAVAE sent me an eight-bar loop for which I wrote lyrics and a melody and we eventually arranged it as we progressed,” she says.

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Producer VAVAE. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The fresh track opens with lush synths before an infectious beat kicks in which is dressed elegantly with a hooky keyboard part as well as indulgent production techniques. On her part, Perp delivers a smooth and textured vocal performance that serves VAVAE’s production splendidly. The singer-songwriter informs us that the process of working with VAVAE was a wonderful experience. “His sense of groove is out of the world and his ideas are always so original,” she says.

Talking about the lyrical theme of the song, Perp says, “‘Do me a favor’ is a song based on the sexual fantasy of a woman. The track is expressive of a woman’s desires and the ‘simple favors’ needed by her from her man.” She goes on to explain that the song is an “embodied experience of the sexuality of the woman.” The vocalist adds, “She is bold, beautiful, sultry, feminine, dreamy, romantic, controlling, full of fire, tender, deep; a crazy lover who knows what she wants.”

According to Perp, 2021 was the year when she found herself as a songwriter. With plenty of new material in her locker now, the artist is keen on releasing more music this year. “It’s nerve-wracking and a bit scary but I’m extremely hyped to share all that music with the world,” says Perp. 

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Stream “Do me a favor” on Spotify below and on other platforms.