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These Philips Multimedia Tower Speakers Do Everything

With 120W sound output power, the speakers surprisingly offer a layered, depth-heavy listening experience

Amit Vaidya Oct 18, 2019

Philips Multimedia Tower Speakers. Photo: Courtesy of Philips

As an audiophile, I was skeptical to believe that speakers, let alone multimedia tower speakers by Philips would win me over. At a time when we have countless ways to listen to music, I found Philip’s Multimedia Speakers 2.0 SPA9120B/94 (MRP: ₹22,999) kind of the perfect compromise between good sound, solid features and yes, a sleek design at the low end of the price band for quality speakers.

Blending in perfectly into my living room, with each tower standing tall to either side of my television, the speakers work with any Bluetooth-enabled device. But beyond this, the speakers also have a built-in USB Direct connection, allowing the ease and convenience of accessing more digital music. Additionally, there’s also the built-in FM tuner so you can listen to the radio at home once again. Yup, radios are no longer just for commutes!

Finally, in what probably was the most unexpected yet exciting feature for me, they’ve also included a microphone and you can with ease turn the speakers into your very own karaoke jukebox. The singer in me was thrilled by this and excited to give it a test go!

These speakers can connect with any device, not just the phone. One of the problems in condensing everything into our handheld devices is that there is a hierarchy that exists in terms of having to prioritize what we are doing. I loved the fact that the music continues to play without me worrying about beeps from messages or receiving phone calls. Between the USB, the radio and of course the Audio-In option so you can even connect the speaker to your flatscreen, I loved the multi-purpose practicality of the speakers.

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So, how did they sound? With 120W sound output power, the speakers surprisingly offer a layered, depth-heavy listening experience. With a frequency range from 40Hz-20kHz  and a healthy Signal/Noise ratio, there is rich texture to the sound that might surprise even hardcore audiophiles like me. Of course, as is my standard complaint with all speakers nowadays, the lack of a middleman, the prized receiver where I can adjust the sound and have a more precise equalizer is something I think is all but now a way of the past. Even with more upscale models from Bose or Bang & Olufsen, this is part of our new reality of streaming and listening to digital files.

Design-wise, the wooden panels add a level of sophistication that otherwise many of these multimedia speakers often lack. The digital screen is also sleek and with a remote, it makes changing sources or stations that much easier.

The karaoke option was actually quite fun. Being able to sing along with the battery-operated cordless microphone in hand, it instantly turned the speakers into ground zero for parties. The versatility of the speakers really shone here making them that much more a better investment and reason to opt for the tower speakers as opposed to smaller speakers.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of using the speakers, their sound quality and of course the versatility of how to listen to music. In a way, it reminded of the old music systems of my childhood where we had the record player, audio cassette player, the tuner, and then the CD player all connected to the receiver and then connected to the speakers. With music now almost exclusively a digital entity, the Philip’s Multimedia Speakers 2.0 are a true bang for the buck and your playlists across every platform and mode will be dancing along!

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