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Alpine Valley 2010
[Three and a half stars]

Rolling Stone IN Feb 11, 2011

For many Phish fans, the band’s nights at Wisconsin’s Alpine Valley Music Theatre in August were their best gigs of the summer. This new CD-DVD box set proves why, delivering focused jams and set lists that include rarities ”“ ”˜Fuck Your Face’ has been played only five times since 1987 ”“ and new nuggets like ”˜Alaska,’ a funky hommage to the Dead’s ”˜Tennessee Jed.’ The peak? A 17-minute ”˜Down With Disease,’ which segues into the spacey ”˜What’s the Use,’ with Trey Anastasio bending each reverb-soaked note like a blissed-out David Gilmour. The DVD showcases a crazy light show, although the music is trippy enough.

Key Tracks: ”˜Down With Disease,’ ”˜What’s the Use’

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