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Phon.o to Perform in India

Berlin-based post-dubstep producer returns for a three-city tour

Rolling Stone India Mar 27, 2014
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Phon.o Photo Credit: Ben Debiel

Phon.o | Photo Credit: Ben Debiel


The Berlin-based producer Carsten Aermes, better known as Phon.o, visited India for the first time last year. He performed in Mumbai for Grime Riot Disco with electronica DJ Munbir Chawla aka Moniker and in New Delhi with Gaurav Malaker of audio/visual techno duo BLOT. Says Chawla, “One of the most under-rated producers of recent times, he plays live, so it’s simply his own music, and not anyone else’s.”

Aermes, who also has a degree Communication Design, also designs books, posters and record covers ”“ including artwork for The Devil’s Walk by Apparat.

Aermes, who also has a degree Communication Design, designs books, posters and record covers as well ”“ including artwork for ‘The Devil’s Walk’ by Apparat.

The producer began his career spinning records with his friend Sascha Ring, better known as the German electronic musician Apparat.  Aermes, who is now is signed to German electronic duo Modeselektor’s label 50 Weapons, produces a range of genres such as post-dubstep, 2-step and deep house mixing percussion sounds, bass and synths. Aermes believes that the evolution of electronic music has involved its incorporation into most mainstream genres, “I think it’s changed a lot. In the past it was really underground, but now it can be on the radio at Number 1, so that’s pretty good. People use more electronic styles and are more interested in them as well.”  Adds Malaker about Phon.o’s sound, “It’s also very accessible. It’s a big melting pot of techno and bass. The fact that he’s signed to 50 Weapons, which is very forward thinking, is a testament in itself.”

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Aermes will release his latest EP Cracking Space Pt. 1, on March 28th. The collection comprises three tracks – “HereNow,” “Kellerkind” and “Moonwalk” – that mix broken-beat, house and bass. For his live show, the artist promises that fans can expect a special set and a lot of new material. Says Aermes, “It’s something you can’t predict before if you play live, but I think it will be great.”


Phon.o India Tour:

March 27th ”“ TLR, New Delhi
March 28th ”“ Blue Frog, Mumbai (as a part of Eden Festival)
March 29th ”“ The Humming Tree, Bengaluru


Phon.o – “Moonwalk”


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