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Photos: NSPA’s First Gig At Churchgate Station

National Streets for Performing Arts’ latest initiative saw rush-hour crowds stop and listen to some station-friendly jams

Rolling Stone India Oct 10, 2012

This street kid decided to add to the horn section with some air trumpet. Photo: Siddharth Dugha

Mumbai commuters returned home with a smile as a public performance caught them by surprise on Monday evening. Singer-songwriter Imli Imchen and newly formed brass quartet, Brass Achaar performed a two-hour slot during rush hour [5.30pm-7.30pm]. While Imchen’s acoustic guitar struggled to be heard over the humdrum of Mumbai locals, the Brass Achaar, which comprises saxophonists Shirish Malhotra, Something Relavant’s Ryan Sadri and Amar Sukhi both on the saxophone and Ramon Ibrahim on the trombone, was the show stealer. 

Photos: Siddharth Dugha


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