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Photos: Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds Celebrating Legends Nights At Blue Frog, Mumbai

A mix of mellow, eclectic rock courtesy Trip Recipe, Whirling Kalapas and Overhung

Rolling Stone India Oct 25, 2012
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Whirling Kalapas. Photo: Monisha Ajgaonkar

Mumbai band Whirling Kalapas, Overhung and Trip Recipe played at Ray-Ban Never Hide Sound: Celebrating Legends at Blue Frog, Mumbai on October 23rd. While Trip Recipe attempted several different genres in each of their songs including metal to pop rock to blues, they needed a more consistent sound to pull off an impressive show.

A more mellow, acoustic set by Whirling Kalapas, formed by Uday Benegal and Mahesh Tinaikar of Indus Creed along with Sankarshan Kini, was an instant mood changer. Playing a set full of mostly covers from “known and unknown artists,” as Benegal described, the acoustic rock trio invited Blue Frog programmer Malini Hariharan and alternative pop rock band Spud In The Box’s Vivaan Kapoor, Rohan Rajadhyaksha, and Ankit Dayal to join them on stage.

Glam rockers Overhung brought the evening to a close with a performance that involved stage histrionics, free T-shirt giveways and drummer Sheldon Dixon taking off his shirt. Overhung’s lead vocalist Sujit Kumar stepped off the stage to get chummy with his audience towards the end of their set. The band performed tracks from their latest EP, Extended 4Play, that seemed straight out of the Eighties, though it was the Dream Out Loud track “South Indian Boy” that won them much applause. 

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